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With, you compare all the offers from Belgian suppliers and you can save up to €350 on your overall energy bill in less than 5 minutes !

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1. Simulation with no commitment

1. Simulation with no commitment

Offers from Belgian energy suppliers.

2. Free of charge service

2. Free of charge service

With just a few clicks and with our without the help of an adviser.

3. No paperwork

3. No paperwork takes care of your administrative obligations!

Tailored services to manage your energy contracts

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Price simulator

With our CREG-certified price simulator, you can compare now the price plans of every energy suppliers and change for the one that suits you most. Saving money has never been that easy!

Certification CREG

Tailor-made advisory services for free

Based on your personal criteria (clean energy options, fixed or variable prices, contract duration, and more), our advisors will guide you and identify for you the price plan that suits you most.

Certification CREG

Moving services

Moving to a new house comes with a lot of changes. Your energy consumption may be one of them. Luckily, is there to help you choose your new energy supplier and to take care of all the paperwork.

About is an online platform for comparing electricity and gas prices from the various Belgian energy suppliers. From Engie to Luminus, from Lampiris to Eneco via Essent and Mega… find all the suppliers in the Greenpeace ranking and take advantage of the best kWh prices with fixed and variable rates. Our Belgian electricity and gas price comparison site is simple and free to use. Once you have entered your energy consumption, a list of suppliers is presented. Our price comparison engine will show you the cheapest electricity package and the most affordable gas price on the Belgian energy market. Finally, you can opt for 100% green energy and/or a supplier that invests in renewable energy. All you have to do is choose the best electricity and/or gas package, whether the supplier is in Flanders, Wallonia or Brussels.

If you need help making a price simulation, choosing thebest offer or changing supplier, contact one of our energy advisors.

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Discover all the suppliers on the Belgian market we compare via our platform! Then you can choose the best electricity and/or gas package based on your consumption profile while still being able to choose the supplier !

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