gas connection conformitygas connection conformity

Is your gas connection compliant?Handy guides 18 September 2020

Many households are still unaware of this fact: non-standard gas valves are not permitted for connecting cooking appliances. Are you concerned? Are you liable in the event of an incident? Gas connection compliance is an extremely important issue. The wrong installation can quickly turn out to be disastrous for your safety. Do your gas valves […]
Facture énergieFacture énergie

Four clever ways to estimate your gas consumptionHandy guidesInvoice 7 September 2020

Nom de l’image à la Une : calculate-gas-consumptionLégende de l’image à la Une : To estimate your gas bill, the first step is to calculate your consumption.Balise ALT de l’image à la Une : Gas meter and euro notes TEXTE A TRADUIRE How can you estimate your gas consumption or calculate it precisely? It’s simple […]
fournisseurs alternatifs d'énergie vertefournisseurs alternatifs d'énergie verte

Who are the alternative energy suppliers and how are they shaking up the market?Handy guides 14 August 2020

Do you want to consume your energy differently? That’s fortunate, because that’s what the alternative green energy suppliers are offering! Sustainable, local and relatively small, these businesses are becoming increasingly creative at thinking outside the box to involve you in energy transition. But who are they are where do they source the renewable energy they […]
electricity meterelectricity meter

Single-rate or dual-rate meter: which is best for you?Invoice 4 August 2020

In Belgium, every home connected to the electricity network has a meter. There are several types: single, dual, night-only, etc. But which should you choose? Based on what criteria? Follow the guide to find out! Summary What is a meter and what is it used for? 1.1. The meter reading 1.2.The meter number 1.3.The EAN […]
• Saving energy while you’re on holiday• Saving energy while you’re on holiday

5 things to do to save energy before you go on holidayHandy guides 4 August 2020

Turn off the heating, disconnect your electric appliances, empty your fridge and turn it off… find out our 5 tips for saving energy while you’re away! Are you going on holiday soon? Don’t waste energy while you’re away! Whether you’re going for just a few days or for several weeks, make sure your home is […]