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All about the gas meter in BelgiumElectricity and gas: meter 3 May 2022

Would you like to install a gas meter in your new home? In this case, you will first have to be sure to connect to this power. If so, this article should help you in all your steps, as we explain in detail how to connect to gas, Proceed with the installation of a gas meter and raise your indexes.

Aeco ceases trading and abandons its 10,000 customersEnergy Market 3 May 2022

The supplier Aeco has announced that it is ceasing operations permanently to avoid bankruptcy as a result of the increase in energy prices. It has therefore signed its supply licence termination and is asking all its customers to find a new energy supplier as soon as possible. We explain what your rights are as a customer and how you can quickly find a supplier that meets your consumption needs.
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Flemish supplier Vlaamse Energieleverancier declare bankruptcyEnergy market 3 May 2022

On December 7th, the Vlaamse Energieleverancer gas and electricity supplier has been on the market since 2019, reported bankruptcy. In question? The historical increase in energy prices that we have been experiencing for several months. What about the Flemish supplier's customers and what solutions are offered to them? Comparator-Energie.be takes stock and gives you advice on how to find the most suitable solution.

The federal budget agreement: what is changing for the energy sectorEnergy market 3 May 2022

In mid-October, the government met to discuss the federal budget for 2022. A number of decisions were taken in all sectors, including energy. We take a look at all these new budget agreement, from expanding the social tariff and simplifying energy bills to ending the automatic renewal of dormant contracts. Social tariff expanded until the […]

Rising energy prices: steps suppliers have takenEnergy market 3 May 2022

Rising energy prices: since the summer, the media have talked of nothing else. The impressive and unprecedented rises could threaten many Belgian households in the coming months, but also risk putting some suppliers out of business. To protect both themselves and consumers, some suppliers have decided to suspend contracts and promotional offers and have introduced […]