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Electricity and gas suppliers in Brussels: which ones operate in 2020?Évolution du marché 21 January 2021

In recent years, electricity and gas contracts for individuals have decreased enormously in Brussels. We remember, for example, the withdrawal of Luminus from the Brussels market in 2018. This decision, by the second-largest Belgian supplier, dealt a hard blow to the range of plans on offer in the bilingual territory. What about in 2020? So […]
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Belgians do not know which energy contract to pickComparateurComparatorEvolution of market 21 January 2021

Compare and get advice: a safe bet when addressing your energy bill. In fact, according to CREG, the Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation, two million Belgian households have opted for the ten most expensive energy contracts on the electricity market and 1.2 million for the ten most expensive contracts on the gas market. So […]

Tenant: all you need to know about electricity and gas contractsGuides pratiquesHandy guidesUncategorizedVerhuis 12 January 2021

Are you a tenant? If so, you should probably pay attention to some aspects of your energy contracts. Who is responsible for what between you and your landlord? What do you need to do to be supplied with natural gas or electricity when you move in? What is the purpose of an energy transfer document? […]
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Inflation in 2020: energy prices still fallingÉvolution du marché 12 January 2021

0.74%: this was the average annual inflation rate for 2020 in Belgium, according to a statement from Statbel. This therefore means that consumer prices have increased very little this year. In comparison, this rate was 1.47% in 2019, almost twice as high as in 2020. The cause of this low inflation is, not surprisingly, linked […]
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Choose your energy contract: on your own or with an adviser?Handy guides 12 January 2021

In general, assessing the value of advice is quite complex. Yet when this advice affects your energy bills, it is easy to determine the value. Without the support of an adviser, only 27% of Belgian households choose an appropriate energy contract. >> Read our press release (in French) on the subject “Success” rate: one in […]