Since the liberalisation of the Walloon energy market in 2007, consumers, who previously only had dealings with a single point of contact, their intermunicipal body, and a single producer, ENGIE (previously Electrabel), now have to deal with a range of new actors.

The energy market is not always easy to comprehend. From distribution network operators (DNOs) to energy suppliers, regulators and mediation bodies, it can be hard to know who to contact to have a meter connected, to change supplier or to make a complaint if there is an error with a meter reading. Follow the guide!

Gas and electricity producers

The producers produce the electricity which they then sell to the energy suppliers.

In Belgium, electricity is produced:

  • By nuclear power stations and gas-fired power stations: this is referred to as grey energy from centralised production;
  • By wind turbines, photovoltaic panels or hydropower stations: this is referred to as green (so-called renewable) energy from decentralised production.
Where does natural gas come from in Belgium
Source: Febeg

As for natural gas, this is currently imported from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Norway, Russia and countries that produce liquefied natural gas (Qatar); from 2019, when we convert from lean gas to rich gas, this list will no longer include the Netherlands.

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Transmission system operators (TSO)

The transmission system operators (TSO) are responsible for transporting gas and/or electricity via high-voltage power lines and high-pressure gas pipelines:

As an end consumer, you cannot contact the TSOs directly.

Distribution network operators (DNO)

The distribution network operators (DNO) transport the electricity and natural gas from the high-voltage/high-pressure power lines and pipelines to the low-voltage/low-pressure power lines and pipelines, and then to your house.

They also look after the maintenance and development of the infrastructure (power lines and gas pipelines). The DNO to which you belong depends on which residential area you are in:

  • In Flanders, the DNO that looks after your access to the network is Fluvius;
  • In the Brussels-Capital Region, you will deal with Sibelga;
  • Ores operates the gas and electricity networks for 197 Walloon municipalities;
  • In many municipalities in the province of Liège, the gas and electricity distributor is Resa ;

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As an end consumer, you need to contact your DNO if you have any queries about your gas or electricity meter. The DNOs are responsible for:

  • Your meter readings;
  • Setting up and connecting a new meter;
  • Disconnecting an existing meter;
  • Any requests for information relating to your meter number or your EAN number;
  • Any requests for information regarding your readings and your consumption;
  • Installing a budget meter;
  • Power cuts or network warnings;

Energy suppliers

The energy suppliers purchase (wholesale) the gas and/or electricity from the energy producers and sell it (retail) to Belgian households.

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As an end consumer, you need to contact your supplier if you have any queries about your energy bill. Your gas and/or electricity supplier sets the prices per kWh that will determine the amount you have to pay for your consumption.

Regulators of the energy market

The regulators (federal and regional) ensure that the gas and electricity markets function properly.

Their role is to supervise the market actors (including approving the transmission tariffs set by Elia and Fluxys) and give advice to the public authorities, thereby ensuring that the interests of Belgian consumers are respected.

Mediation bodies

If you have a dispute with your distribution network operator (DNO) and/or with your energy supplier, there are two mediation services operating concurrently in Belgium which can help you file your complaint.

Who should I contact?

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