How to find an energy contractHow to find an energy contract

Belgians do not know which energy contract to pickComparator 23 March 2021

Compare and get advice: a safe bet when addressing your energy bill. In fact, according to CREG, the Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation, two million Belgian households have opted for the ten most expensive energy contracts on the electricity market and 1.2 million for the ten most expensive contracts on the gas market. So […]
creg scancreg scan

CREG Scan tells you whether your energy contract is still competitive!Comparator 23 March 2021

On 10 February 2017, the CREG, the European leader in the field, made a new online tool available to Belgian electricity and gas customers. Summary How CREG Scan works Advantages of CREG Scan What to look for when doing the test Points to note from using this tool “CREG Scan” is now available on the […]
Advantages and disadvantages of price comparison sites in BelgiumAdvantages and disadvantages of price comparison sites in Belgium

Compare your energy comparison tool!Comparator 17 March 2021

creg scancreg scan and CREG Scan: two essential tools to help you choose the best energy contractComparator 23 March 2021

In 2020, 500,000 households spend € 600 too much on their energy. This amount can rise to € 3,450 for some 20,000 SMEs (source: CREG).  The reason: ‘dormant contracts’ whose prices are significantly higher than active products. To assess this additional cost, the regulator has developed CREG Scan. This tool is the first step when it comes to […]
cregcreg becomes the first CREG-approved price comparison toolComparator 23 March 2021

It is now official: is the only CREG-approved energy price comparison tool active in Belgium. In July 2018, CREG adapted its “Charter for the efficient provision of information by online comparison tools”. This charter guarantees the provision of objective, transparent and quality information by the online comparison tool when you compare electricity and natural gas […]