creg scancreg scan and CREG Scan: two essential tools to help you choose the best energy contractComparator 3 January 2020

Every year, 360,000 households spend EUR 600 too much on their energy. This amount can rise up to EUR 3,450 for some 20,000 SME. This is what CREG found during its last analysis. The reason: “dormant contracts” whose prices are significantly higher than active products. To assess this additional cost, the regulator has developed CREG […]
cregcreg becomes the first CREG-approved price comparison toolComparator 27 December 2019

It is now official: is the only energy price comparison tool active in Belgium that can boast the new quality label granted by CREG. In July 2018, CREG adapted its “Charter for the efficient provision of information by online comparison tools”. This charter guarantees the provision of objective, transparent and quality information by the online comparison tool […]
Overview of the home page of the websiteOverview of the home page of the website

How to use our energy supplier price comparison siteComparator 22 February 2018

Are you looking to find the best electricity and/or gas deal? It couldn’t be easier with our comparison site. Below you can find out how to use it to help you save money! Respond!