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Your simplified energy bill since January 1, 2022!Electricity and gas: invoice 7 April 2022

Since 2018, Energy market participants and anti-prevalence associations are jointly demanding that a simplified energy bill be established for consumer comfort. Well, that is how it works! From January 1, 2022, suppliers will be asked to send their customers a simplified invoice holding on a double-sided A4 page. So what will she understand?
energy contract renewalenergy contract renewal

You end up paying more when your energy contract renews? This is why!Electricity and gas: invoice 3 May 2022

What is an automatic contract renewal? It may be the reason your bill goes up! Find out how to avoid it.
Facture énergieFacture énergie

Billing: what are instalments for? (infographics)Electricity and gas: invoice 3 May 2022

Have you just signed a new energy contract? If so, the next step will probably be to pay an advance towards your future consumption, in other words an instalment. But what exactly is an instalment and why is it obligatory? How is it calculated? Is it too high? The team will answer all your […]

Belgian gas bills: among the lowest in Europe!Electricity and gas: invoice 3 May 2022

Gas prices in Belgium have been falling for more than a year and a half. As a result, Belgian gas bills are among the lowest in Europe! Take a look at our analysis, comparisons and tips to find out what this means for your finances. Key takeaways: The price of gas in Belgium is 33% […]
La redevance fixe des fournisseurs d'énergie - comparateur-energie.beLa redevance fixe des fournisseurs d'énergie -

It is time to switch energy contractElectricity and gas: invoice 3 May 2022

COVID-19 has cast a shadow over the stock markets and energy prices are feeling the effects: they are in freefall. For some of you, this is just the right time to change your electricity or gas contract. You could save a considerable amount. Find out what to do. Contents: What lies behind the fall in […]