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Single-rate or dual-rate meter: which is best for you?Electricity and gas: meter 19 January 2022

In Belgium, every home connected to the electricity network has a meter. There are several types: single, dual, night-only, etc. But which should you choose? Based on what criteria? Follow the guide to find out! Summary What is a meter, and what is it used for? 1.1. Meter reading 1.2. Meter number 1.3.The EAN code […]
Index of an energy meterIndex of an energy meter

What are the different types of electrical meters?Electricity and gas: meter 6 January 2022

Are you taking away in a new home and have to choose an electric meter type? Or would you like to replace your current counter? An explanation of how everyone works is therefore necessary! Respond!
Division of the day into two parts: the day rate and the night rateDivision of the day into two parts: the day rate and the night rate

Dual day and night tariffs: when do they apply?Electricity and gas: meter 12 October 2021 10 Reactions

Choosing to have a dual meter at home can offer several benefits. The first is consuming during off-peak hours respecting the time periods. Index Reactions10