Energy prices are on the rise in BelgiumEnergy prices are on the rise in Belgium

Energy prices in Belgium: another rise on the way?Evolution of market Invoice 2 April 2021

It looks like the energy prices are on the rise in Belgium in 2021. How much more will you pay on your next bill? Find it out in this article.
belgian consumer and their energy contractbelgian consumer and their energy contract

Half of all Belgian consumers have one of the 10 most expensive energy contracts (CREG study)Evolution of market 22 March 2021

How much do you pay annually for your electricity or gas? Do you think you could get a better price? If the answer is no, there’s a 50% chance that you have taken out one of the 10 most expensive energy contracts on the market. Summary: Five suppliers hold sway in Belgium… and not necessarily […]
Energy mix in BelgiumEnergy mix in Belgium

Energy mix in Belgium: where does our electricity come from?Evolution of market 23 February 2021

We all consume electricity, but do we always know how it is produced? What does the energy mix consist of in Belgium? And what is it, exactly? Can a change in the mix influence your electricity consumption? We’re going to delve into the subject to clarify it for you. Summary: Energy mix in Belgium for […]
time to change suppliertime to change supplier

The right time to change your energy contractsEvolution of market 23 March 2021

The experts at analyze the average energy price movements for you on a daily basis. The results? Gas and electricity prices fell significantly in 2020 as a result of COVID-19! That’s one piece of good news in an unpleasant situation! We need to go back several years to find gas and electricity prices as […]
label energielabel energie

Energy class: no more “+” symbols: the A to G label is making a comebackEvolution of market 23 March 2021

Over nearly 30 years, energy classes have undergone a number of changes in terms of presentation, classification, and variants. From the most energy-efficient to the least, this compulsory labeling system implemented by the European Union uses a color code (green to red) and a letter code (A+++ to D) to classify the energy efficiency of […]