actors of the energy market in belgiumactors of the energy market in belgium

Who are my contacts in the energy market?Evolution of market 6 July 2020

Since the liberalisation of the Walloon energy market in 2007, consumers, who previously only had dealings with a single point of contact, their intermunicipal body, and a single producer, ENGIE (previously Electrabel), now have to deal with a range of new actors. The energy market is not always easy to comprehend. From distribution network operators […]
end of the compensation scheme for solar panelsend of the compensation scheme for solar panels

Photovoltaic panels: near the end of the compensation scheme?Evolution of market 26 October 2020

A number of changes have been brought in since 1 January 2020, causing great confusion among owners of photovoltaic panels. The end of the compensation scheme is now effective in the Brussels Region for the consumption/feed-in of self-produced energy. In parallel, the number of green certificates granted to prosumers is expected to fall. The same […]
Compteur intelligent LinkyCompteur intelligent Linky

What should I expect from a smart meter?Evolution of market 6 July 2020

Smart meters are a subject of much debate. While some people praise them for their accuracy and automated functions (such as meter readings), others are worried about their potential dangers (electrosensitivity, privacy, etc.). We look at the issue in order to demystify this little box that arouses so much controversy. It was just over a […]

Switch from lean gas to rich gas in Belgium – what will the impact be?Evolution of market 18 July 2018

Starting next year, some Belgian households currently supplied with lean gas (type L) will switch to rich gas (type H). The operation, named “conversion from L-gas to H-gas”, will begin in 2019 and end in 2029, affecting 1.6 million customers. What impact will it have on energy bills and gas appliances belonging to Belgian households […]
High-voltage electricity distribution current - EnergypriceHigh-voltage electricity distribution current - Energyprice

No more nuclear by 2025: dream or reality?Evolution of market 16 May 2018

Of all the many commitments made by the Belgian energy pact in 2018, the phasing-out of nuclear power by 2025 is no doubt the measure that causes the strongest feelings. Behind the decision is the European target of obtaining all energy supplies from renewable sources by 2050. A scenario at the heart of the energy […]