Breakdown and repair : emergency assistance from suppliers!Handy guides 29 June 2021

With so many energy suppliers operating in the Belgian market, it can be hard to know who to choose. Whether it’s their gas and/or electricity prices, their boiler maintenance contract or their support package, you need to be an expert to compare them! To give you peace of mind when choosing, we set out the support services offered by the leading suppliers in the market (Luminus, Eneco, Engie and Lampiris) and reveal which is the best assistance from supplier to choose.

CWaPE, CREG, Brugel, who are the energy market regulators?Handy guides 18 June 2021

Since the liberalisation of the energy market in 2007, the number of players needed for its proper functioning has increased in Belgium. Regulators are included in this number. But who are they, how are they spread across our territory and above all, what is their role?

The acquisition of Essent by Luminus: what will change for customersEvolution of market Handy guides 9 June 2021

It's official! From the second quarter of 2021, supplier Essent will belong to energy giant Luminus. It will therefore no longer supply energy on Belgian territory. So what will become of Essent customers and how will the transaction play out? Let's look at this transfer in more details.
Cheapest energy supplierCheapest energy supplier

Here’s the secret to always having the cheapest energy supplier.Handy guides Invoice 29 April 2021

“ We’re not suckers!” - It’s a fact of life that people don’t like paying too much, especially for their energy bills. That’s why you probably looked for the cheapest energy supplier when you took out your gas or electricity contract. But how long ago was that? Does your supplier still offer you the most favourable rate? […]
What to do with your ENGIE, Lampiris or Luminus energy contract when you moveWhat to do with your ENGIE, Lampiris or Luminus energy contract when you move

Moving house: what should you do with your ENGIE, Luminus, Lampiris or other contract?Handy guides 21 May 2021

When you move house, you need to sort out the issue of your energy supply fairly early. What steps do you need to take with your gas or electricity supplier in Belgium? How do you contact their house-moving department? Do you need to fill in a closure form or notify them by telephone? To make […]