• Saving energy while you’re on holiday• Saving energy while you’re on holiday

5 things to do to save energy before you go on holidayHandy guides 4 August 2020

Turn off the heating, disconnect your electric appliances, empty your fridge and turn it off… find out our 5 tips for saving energy while you’re away! Are you going on holiday soon? Don’t waste energy while you’re away! Whether you’re going for just a few days or for several weeks, make sure your home is […]
prix fixe ou prix variableprix fixe ou prix variable

Fixed or variable prices? Which should you choose for your energy contract?Handy guides 11 June 2020

Spring 2020. The papers are full of it: energy prices are in free fall due to the lockdown and the favourable weather conditions. For thousands of households, it’s the ideal time to change their gas and/or electricity contract and save up to 374 euro (source: CREG). But when you’re comparing your options, you have a […]
compteur défectueuxcompteur défectueux

Faulty meter? Here are the warning signsHandy guides 26 June 2020

Does your gas or electricity bill seem unusually high? This may be a sign that your meter is faulty! How can I tell? If so, what should I do? What are the risks? With the help of Comparateur-Energie.be, find out what to do if you’re concerned about your meter. Whether it’s your electricity meter or […]
where can I find my ean codewhere can I find my ean code

Where can you find the EAN code?Handy guides 14 May 2020

You need your EAN code for virtually all procedures related to your energy consumption. So it’s useful to be able to find it easily. But where should you look? We have made a list for you. If you have already changed your energy contract, you must have had to pass on your EAN code (‘European […]

Is it legal to cut off your energy supply in winter?Handy guides 24 July 2020

During winter, your energy supplier can suspend your contract in some cases. Hence, the winter truce doesn’t concern all consumers. What about you? Contents What is a “winter truce”? In Wallonia, supply contracts can be ended in winter… … but the Walloon system operator takes over You are an unprotected residential customer in Wallonia You […]