where can I find my ean codewhere can I find my ean code

Where can you find the EAN code?Handy guides 14 May 2020

You need your EAN code for virtually all procedures related to your energy consumption. So it’s useful to be able to find it easily. But where should you look? We have made a list for you. If you have already changed your energy contract, you must have had to pass on your EAN code (‘European […]

Is it legal to cut off your energy supply in winter?Handy guides 21 January 2020

During winter, your energy supplier can suspend your contract in some cases. Hence, the winter truce doesn’t concern all consumers. What about you? Contents What is a “winter truce”? In Wallonia, supply contracts can be ended in winter… … but the Walloon system operator takes over You are an unprotected residential customer in Wallonia You […]
Light bulb containing a green leaf placed on pieces of wood.Light bulb containing a green leaf placed on pieces of wood.

Green electricity: scam or genuine ecological benefit?Handy guides 24 March 2020

“100% green electricity” is what most energy suppliers offer. Yet this term encompasses subtleties that are sometimes more grey than green, made possible through a questionable label system. So are environmentally-aware consumers being deceived? This is a matter of debate but, fortunately, there are also some far less controversial options which are detailed below. Respond!
Inside of a house under constructionInside of a house under construction

Empty house contract: when to subscribe to one and at what price?Handy guides 5 March 2018

In Belgium, any person who owns an electricity or gas meter is required to sign a contract with a supplier. Even if their house is empty! Respond!
Technician servicing a natural gas boilerTechnician servicing a natural gas boiler

Seven rules for perfect gas boiler maintenanceHandy guides 1 March 2018

Servicing your gas boiler is vital to keep it running smoothly and to protect the environment and your safety. So be smart – follow the experts’ recommendations! Respond!