Connecting a house to mains gasConnecting a house to mains gas

4 steps to successfully connect your home to the gas networkHandy guides 10 August 2021

Connecting your home to the natural gas network is possible as long as the gas pipes pass along your road. However, you will still need to meet certain requirements and follow the correct procedure. Why is that? To guarantee your installation is functional as well as to ensure your safety. Summary What is a gas […]
What steps to take for a move?What steps to take for a move?

Moving out? Here are all the steps you need to know.Handy guides 10 August 2021

A move cannot be improvised. To help you best organize this major life stage, we have prepared a guide for you with all the steps to take when it comes to moving. As a bonus, you can download a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything! Moving house is a milestone. Between the excitement […]

All you need to know about electricity and gas contracts for tenantsHandy guides Uncategorized 10 August 2021 2 Reactions

Are you a tenant? If so, you should probably pay attention to some aspects of your energy contracts. Who is responsible for what between you and your landlord? What do you need to do to be supplied with natural gas or electricity when you move in? What is the purpose of an energy transfer document? […]
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Choose your energy contract: on your own or with an adviser?Handy guides 20 July 2021

In general, assessing the value of advice is quite complex. Yet when this advice affects your energy bills, it is easy to determine the value. Without the support of an adviser, only 27% of Belgian households choose an appropriate energy contract. >> Read our press release (in French) on the subject “Success” rate: one in […]
how to reduce your energy consumption when working from homehow to reduce your energy consumption when working from home

8 tips to reduce your energy consumption when working from homeHandy guides 10 August 2021

Homeworking: a blessing for some, a headache for others. Whether you’re a fan of homeworking or not, one thing’s for sure, the electricity and heating consumption that’s usually your company’s responsibility becomes yours, at your expense. How can you reduce this expense to a minimum? provides you with 8 tips to make your homeworking […]