The duration of an energy contract can range from 1 to 5 years.The duration of an energy contract can range from 1 to 5 years.

All you need to know about the duration of an electricity or gas contractHandy guides 17 March 2021

You have probably already noticed that the length of an energy supply contract varies according to supplier and deals. But do you know what it means and which is the most beneficial? Respond!
Moving boxes stacked in a dwellingMoving boxes stacked in a dwelling

I’m moving house: how should I manage my gas and electricity contract?Handy guides 13 September 2021

What should you do if you’re moving to a new house soon but you haven’t yet taken out a new energy contract? Don’t worry: if you follow a few simple steps, the energy supply to your new home will up and running on the desired date. Respond!
Taking an energy meter readingTaking an energy meter reading

The opening of an energy meter in 4 stepsHandy guides 17 March 2021

Are you moving house soon? One of your concerns is probably the electricity and/or gas supply to your new home. But just to make sure it’s easy: follow the guide! Respond!
Two people tearing up a power contract.Two people tearing up a power contract.

How can you cancel an energy contract easily?Handy guides 17 March 2021 4 Reactions

In Belgium, it is necessary to subscribe to an energy contract in order to be supplied with electricity and gas. But in some cases, you will also have to cancel it. How do you do so? Find out all the necessary steps in this article. Reactions4
stakeholders in the energy sectorstakeholders in the energy sector

The various stakeholders in the energy sector: who does what?Handy guides 17 March 2021

Supplier, system operator, regulator… There are a lot of business lines involved in the energy sector! So let’s have a look at them to understand their roles. Respond!