energy priceenergy price

What does the liberalization of the market mean for consumers?Handy guides 18 August 2021

Switching supplier, benefiting from the competition and therefore potentially paying less is possible today for all consumers. Thanks to what? Liberalization! Respond!
Natural gas pipelinesNatural gas pipelines

No more poor gas but rich gas that might prove costlyHandy guides 17 March 2021

Natural gas consumers, you have been warned: by 2030, you will all be supplied with rich gas. Does the idea seems attractive to you? Unfortunately, in practice, it is not that attractive at all. Respond!
Pylons and electricity networkPylons and electricity network

Switch energy supplier: when and how?Handy guides 10 August 2021

Changing your gas or electricity contract can sometimes be a way of saving hundreds of euro. It’s also quick and free, with no cancellation fees! So why wait? Staying with the same supplier on the same contract year after year is rarely beneficial for the consumer. Firstly, staying put deprives them of attractive promotions and […]
The kWh tariff for electricity, along with other items, makes up the end price of electricityThe kWh tariff for electricity, along with other items, makes up the end price of electricity

How is the electricity rate established in Belgium in 2021?Handy guides 14 October 2021 4 Reactions

The price per kilowatt hour (kWh) is one of the key elements of an electricity bill. But why is it important? Are there different types? can clarify this for you. Reactions4
A man surprised by his high energy meter readingA man surprised by his high energy meter reading

6 questions to ask yourself about reading your electric and gas meterHandy guides 17 March 2021

Whether it’s an electric or a gas meter, it must be read at specific times. Good news, it’s quick and easy, provided you know how! Respond!