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Single-rate or dual-rate meter: which is best for you?Invoice 4 August 2020

In Belgium, every home connected to the electricity network has a meter. There are several types: single, dual, night-only, etc. But which should you choose? Based on what criteria? Follow the guide to find out! Summary What is a meter and what is it used for? 1.1. The meter reading 1.2.The meter number 1.3.The EAN […]
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Billing: what are instalments for?Invoice 6 July 2020

Have you just signed a new energy contract? The next step will probably be to pay your first instalment for your future consumption. But what is an instalment, exactly? How is it calculated? Is it too high? The Comparateur-Energie.be team will answer all your questions. Follow the guide! What is an instalment bill? When you […]

Belgians have the lowest gas bills in Europe.Invoice 23 July 2020

According to the latest monthly comparisons from CREG, the Belgian Federal Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation, Belgians have the lowest gas bills in Europe. Since July, Belgians are getting a lower average bill than their European neighbours. This is the observation made by CREG in its latest monthly comparisons. Gas prices are at rock bottom in […]
La redevance fixe des fournisseurs d'énergie - comparateur-energie.beLa redevance fixe des fournisseurs d'énergie - comparateur-energie.be

It is time to switch energy contractInvoice 14 May 2020

COVID-19 has cast a shadow over the stock markets and energy prices are feeling the effects: they are in freefall. For some of you, this is just the right time to change your electricity or gas contract. You could save a considerable amount. Find out what to do. Contents: What lies behind the fall in […]
Read electricity meter energy comparison - energypriceRead electricity meter energy comparison - energyprice

When and how should you read your electricity meter?Invoice 23 June 2020

Reading your electricity meter enables you to find out your energy consumption in kilowatt-hours by subtracting last year’s reading from this years’. When should you read your meter? How do you read different meter types (standard meter, dual-rate meter or budget meter)? And what’s the point? Answers in this article! When should you read your […]