Belgian gas bills: among the lowest in Europe!Invoice 23 March 2021

Gas prices in Belgium have been falling for more than a year and a half. As a result, Belgian gas bills are among the lowest in Europe! Analysis, comparisons, and advice: find out what this means for your finances. Key takeaways: The price of gas in Belgium is 49% lower than in the Netherlands. The […]
La redevance fixe des fournisseurs d'énergie - comparateur-energie.beLa redevance fixe des fournisseurs d'énergie -

It is time to switch energy contractInvoice 23 March 2021

COVID-19 has cast a shadow over the stock markets and energy prices are feeling the effects: they are in freefall. For some of you, this is just the right time to change your electricity or gas contract. You could save a considerable amount. Find out what to do. Contents: What lies behind the fall in […]

How to read and understand your gas and electricity billInvoice 24 November 2020

There are 3 main parts to your gas and electricity bills: the price of the energy, distribution and transmission costs, and taxes and surcharges. Learn how to identify them so you can better understand your bill, and thus better control it. Understanding your gas or electricity bill isn’t necessarily easy. The rate you pay is […]
Read electricity meter energy comparison - energypriceRead electricity meter energy comparison - energyprice

When and how should you read your electricity meter?Invoice 23 June 2020

Reading your electricity meter enables you to find out your energy consumption in kilowatt-hours by subtracting last year’s reading from this years’. When should you read your meter? How do you read different meter types (standard meter, dual-rate meter or budget meter)? And what’s the point? Answers in this article! When should you read your […]
Estimating the cost of electricity and your consumption means you can anticipate your energy spending.Estimating the cost of electricity and your consumption means you can anticipate your energy spending.

Five practical tips to estimate your electricity useInvoice 17 March 2021

Your electricity bills vary depending on the energy price and your electricity consumption. Find out how to calculate your usage and estimate your spending. Respond!