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What to do with your ENGIE, Lampiris or Luminus energy contract when you moveWhat to do with your ENGIE, Lampiris or Luminus energy contract when you move

Moving into a new house: what to do with your ENGIE, Luminus, TotalEnergies or other contract?Moving house 14 February 2022

When you move house, you need to sort out the issue of your energy supply fairly early. What steps do you need to take with your gas or electricity supplier in Belgium? How do you contact their house-moving department? Do you need to fill in a closure form or notify them by telephone? To make […]
What steps to take for a move?What steps to take for a move?

Moving out? Here are all the steps you need to know.Moving house 10 August 2021

A move cannot be improvised. To help you best organize this major life stage, we have prepared a guide for you with all the steps to take when it comes to moving. As a bonus, you can download a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything! Moving house is a milestone. Between the excitement […]

All you need to know about electricity and gas contracts for tenantsMoving house 10 August 2021 2 Reactions

Are you a tenant? If so, you should probably pay attention to some aspects of your energy contracts. Who is responsible for what between you and your landlord? What do you need to do to be supplied with natural gas or electricity when you move in? What is the purpose of an energy transfer document? […]
Inside of a house under constructionInside of a house under construction

Empty house contract: when to subscribe to one and at what price?Moving house 26 August 2021

In Belgium, any person who owns an electricity or gas meter is required to sign a contract with a supplier. Even if their house is empty! Index Respond!
Moving boxes stacked in a dwellingMoving boxes stacked in a dwelling

I’m moving house: how should I manage my gas and electricity contract?Moving house 13 September 2021

What should you do if you’re moving to a new house soon but you haven’t yet taken out a new energy contract? Don’t worry: if you follow a few simple steps, the energy supply to your new home will up and running on the desired date. Respond!