bankruptcy vlaams-energieleverancierbankruptcy vlaams-energieleverancier

Flemish supplier Vlaamse Energieleverancier declare bankruptcyPower Steps 15 December 2021

On December 7th, the Vlaamse Energieleverancer gas and electricity supplier has been on the market since 2019, reported bankruptcy. In question? The historical increase in energy prices that we have been experiencing for several months. What about the Flemish supplier's customers and what solutions are offered to them? takes stock and gives you advice on how to find the most suitable solution.
Energy prices are on the rise in BelgiumEnergy prices are on the rise in Belgium

Energy prices in Belgium: towards another increase?Power Steps 12 January 2022

By 2020, gas and electricity prices for kWh had not resisted the health crisis and had collapsed. But at the beginning of 2021, things take a different turn, and this could severely impact your wallet… Energy Comparator. he takes stock of the last 6 months.
High-voltage electricity distribution current - EnergypriceHigh-voltage electricity distribution current - Energyprice

Release of the nucleary in 2025: new or reality?Power Steps 27 December 2021

The many commitments made by the Belgian Energy Pact in 2018, the release of the nucleary by 2025 is probably the most likely measure. Behind this decision, the ambitious climate target imposed by Europe was to achieve the 100% renewable energy supply by 2050. A sceénario at the heart of the energy transition – tantored […]