The best deal in the market, the new Holy Grail for consumers. Today, the best informed customers are looking for a cheaper energy supplier. But how can you avoid missing out?


  1. Check for discounts on the kWh price
  2. Benefit from a reduced fee
  3. Take other promotions into account
  4. Use services and tools to reduce your bill
  5. Go to an online deal

The cheapest gas and electricity supplier is not an absolute but rather a relative factor. Indeed, the price of energy depends greatly on your region, your consumption and your type of electricity meter. So it is impossible to provide you with a one-fits-all answer. However, we can help you determine which is the most advantageous for you by filtering the features of the best energy deals and guiding your search.

1. Check for discounts on the kWh price

To take advantage of attractive rates, you must keep abreast of any special deals. As a rule, suppliers give them to new customers on the price of the kWh of electricity, so if you change your supplier: keep your eyes peeled! If you take a look at the price lists on their websites, sometimes it seems that the deals in question are anything but cheap. However, a rebate might change things, especially for medium-sized and big electricity consumers for whom a reduction on the kWh price will lead to major savings in their bills.

Examples of competitive electricity deals* – updated on August 2020
Supplier Deal Standard rate price per kWh (c€/kWh) Discount on the price of electricity (c€/kWh) Promotional rate price per kWh (c€/kWh)
Lampiris Tip 6.54 1.96 4.58
Engie Easy Fixed 8.48 3.39 5.09

*Deals available in Brussels (1000, Brussels) for a standard meter that you can benefit from if annual electricity consumption is 1,200 kWh. Discounts are applicable for one year from the date the contract comes into force.

For your information, “Easy fixed” offer a flat rate for electricity. This means that it will remain the same throughout the contract and that the consumer will be protected from any increases in prices in the stock market.

Examples of competitive gas deals** – updated on August 2020
Supplier Deal Standard rate price per kWh (c€/kWh) Discount on the price of gas (c€/kWh) Promotional rate price per kWh (c€/kWh)
Lampiris Top 2.18 0.99 1.19
Engie Easy Indexed 1.66 0.91 0.75

**Deals available in Brussels (1000, Brussels) that you can benefit from if annual gas consumption is 23,260 kWh. Discounts are applicable for one year from the date the contract comes into force.

Among these two gas deals, Engie Electrabel’s “Easy indexed” is a special case with a variable price. In practice, the price of the kWh of gas is indexed every three months according to the principle of supply and demand and depending on speculation.

Note: deals with no reduction on the price of energy may be less expensive than those with. It all depends on the supplier’s sales policy and its willingness or not to directly offer low rates.

2. Benefit from a reduced fee

Some suppliers choose to offer a reduction on the energy delivery fee. Others have decided to apply this discount in addition to one on the kWh price. Whichever the case, you should note that a promotion on the annual subscription fee is especially preferable for small consumers. In fact it is more interesting for them to make savings on the fixed part of the bill.

According to the different contracts, the discount applied is either identical or almost identical to the amount of the fee, that is to say, bigger. Coupled with a low kWh price, it is clearly even more attractive as it allows significantly lowering the energy factor of the bill.

3. Take other promotions into account

Five lit bulbs

Concerning promotions, regardless of the level at which they operate, you must bear in mind that they vary both according to the suppliers and the deals. Therefore, comparing electricity and/or gas contracts is paramount in order to identify the most advantageous. Having done so, you should quickly subscribe to the one of your choice to enjoy the conditions granted. Suppliers update them each month, so it is better to react quickly so as not to miss out on savings!

Besides discounts on the kWh price and the fee, there are many other types. For example, suppliers grant a reduction if customers choose to pay their bills by direct debit or wish to receive them by e-mail and not by post. Although you should not expect to halve your bill, the accumulation of small discounts generally results in decent savings.

4. Use services and tools to reduce your bill

Another cost saver: referral. Engie Electrabel, Poweo, Lampiris, Mega… Many suppliers have implemented this system. What for? To encourage their existing customers to invite their family and friends to subscribe, in return paying them an amount for each new contract. This practice is therefore interesting for consumers willing to become apprentice marketers and, of course, for the suppliers too. Indeed, in this way they can reduce their investment in advertising campaigns since word-of-mouth has a reputation for being effective.

Finally, to ensure the best deals, comparing electricity and/or gas prices according to your own consumption is the most effective solution.

Good news, it’s very simple to do, as shown by the energy price comparison blog. Having entered your consumption details, you will get a ranking of the five best gas or electricity deals on the market. This is established on the basis of your consumption profile, and the pricing formulas are listed from the cheapest to the most expensive. You can also filter the deals according to several criteria:

  • Price: from the cheapest to the most expensive;
  • The type of contract: fixed or variable;
  • The electricity source: 100% green electricity or not;
  • The duration of the contract: one, two, three or five years.

Moreover, this simulator also gives you the energy generation mix used by the supplier to produce its electricity. So, thanks to the pictograms and information set out in the supplier fact sheets, you will know exactly where the electricity you consume comes from (nuclear, gas or coal plan, wind energy, solar panels, etc.).

5. Go to an online deal

Web browsers to find an energy supply onlineFor those of you who are at ease with the Internet, online energy deals are generally interesting thanks to their attractive rates. This is possible because with this system, the supplier reduces its operating costs and passes on the savings it makes to the consumer’s bill. The other side of the coin? 100% web formulas are less convenient. Compulsory subscription by Internet, direct debit and e-bills are often imposed.

Moreover, the principle of an online deal is to manage your energy in a secure online space. For information, this type of platform enables viewing your bills and monitoring your consumption, your payments as well as annual meter readings. In short, it is an ideal tool to reduce bureaucratic procedures since it is even possible to arrange energy contracts in the event of moving house.

Now it’s up to you! Quickly find out what is the most advantageous electricity and/or gas deal for you and say goodbye to high energy bills! Need help? Contact us on 0800 37 456 and we will be glad to help you to guarantee great savings.