The Colruyt group is now offering green electricity and natural gas to Walloon and Flemish citizens. This new service is handled by its subsidiary Dats 24. Already a fuel specialist, Dats 24 is determined to establish its place among energy suppliers.

The choice of energy suppliers is growing for Walloon and Flemish households. On 6 April 2021, the Colruyt group made a major announcement: it will start to supply energy to private individuals through its subsidiary Dats 24. The promise? A simple variable formula, for 100% green and 100% Belgian energy, since it will come directly from the production facilities of the Belgian group. provides an overview of this new supply of electricity and natural gas.

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From service stations to the supply of electricity and natural gas for individuals

Dats 24 is well known. You may have already seen its many gas stations here and there. And for good reason – the Colruyt Group subsidiary is above all a fuel specialist. It has distinguished itself from its competitors in particular by investing in alternative fuels (CNG [natural gas vehicles] and hydrogen) and in sustainable mobility (installation of several electric charging stations).

So in 2021, Dats 24, under the aegis of Colruyt, took the big step: it will now supply energy to individuals. Initially available to Colruyt Group employees, Dats 24’s green electricity and natural gas offer will now open up to wider horizons.

A logical step for the Colruyt Group

The fact that Colruyt is starting to supply energy comes as a surprise. And yet, this is quite a logical step for the Belgian group. With its wind turbines in the North Sea, its solar panels on the roofs of its supermarkets and its green hydrogen projects, Colruyt had already embarked on its energy transition long ago. Capable of producing 270% of its annual energy consumption in 2019, the owner of the famous supermarket chain has simply seized an increasingly obvious opportunity.

Green and Belgian electricity at a “very cheap” price according to officials

By offering electricity and gas, Dats 24 allows its customers to choose from three product types: green electricity only, natural gas only, or a combination of both.

The main advantage of this new offer is undoubtedly the supply of electricity that is guaranteed to be 100% green and 100% local. This is made possible through Colruyt’s different sources of clean electricity: an offshore wind farm (Parkwind), an onshore wind farm (in Hal) and a biogas plant (Quévy, in Hainaut). In addition, customers who opt for electricity from Dats 24 will be able to choose the source of their electricity from these three options.

As for the natural gas supplied, it cannot boast of the same local and renewable virtues. This is no surprise, however, since Belgium does not produce natural gas, let alone green gas.

Finally, in terms of the pricing formula, the spokesperson for Dats 24 promises “rates that are as low as they are attractive“. In concrete terms, the supplier will offer only one type of pricing: a long-term variable price contract, both for electricity or gas. In other words, your price will vary from quarter to quarter depending on changes in the market. While this formula proves to be very good during price drops, there is a risk in the event of sudden inflation.

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A currently limited offer in Belgium

If the contract offered by Dats 24 appeals to you, it is best not to delay as the offer is currently limited to 134,000 households. The downside is that you can only choose from three sources of electricity production.

Furthermore, there is also a geographical limitation. The Dats 24 supply offer will only be available in Flanders and Wallonia for the time being. Households in Brussels will therefore have to be patient. In the meantime, they will still be able to choose their energy contract from these suppliers still operating in the Capital.

However, the Colruyt group intends to increase its production capacity and Dats 24 is not excluding the Brussels Region from its plans for the future.

Compare your green energy suppliers with

Dats 24 therefore seems perfectly suited to supplying green electricity to its customers without purchasing any guarantee of origin labels. But it is far from being the only supplier in this position in Belgium. With the growing demand for clean electricity, other suppliers have also made green and local electricity a priority: Energie 2030, Aspiravi, Eneco, Cociter, Bolt, etc., to name a few.

So how do you determine which one is right for you? Beyond the distinct values of each supplier and the scope of their services, another criterion remains crucial: price. The most rational way to decide between two equivalent offers is always to compare rates per kilowatt hour.

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