In the world of energy, the EAN code is a valuable piece of data. Without it, consumers cannot subscribe to a deal. But why, exactly? And where is it registered?


When you change energy supplier or your subscription to a deal, several pieces of information are useful. These include the EAN code. What if we tell you what it consists of to make things easier in future?

Definition of an EAN code

In the field of energy, an EAN code is a unique number that identifies a connection to the electricity or natural gas network. It is therefore unique to each point of supply but also to each type of energy. This means that you have one EAN code for electricity and one for gas. However, they are generally the same, only the last two or three digits are different.

To easily locate the EAN code, remember that it is composed of 18 digits and starts with 5414. If you have already joined Wikipower group purchases or changed supplier through our price comparison website, you will surely see it. Yes, 18 digits, it rather long to divulge, especially by phone. But it is the only way for a supplier or for your distribution system operator (DSO) to identify you 100%.

A number associated with an address, not the meter or a person

A house numberIt is important not to confuse the EAN code with the customer number and the meter number. Your customer number is assigned to you by your energy supplier (Engie Electrabel, Luminus, Eni, etc.) when you become their customer. This means that when you change your supplier, you get a new customer number. The EAN code never changes.

Why? Because each EAN code is associated with a place. Therefore, logically it will change if you move. However, the meter number distinguishes a device, the meter. In the event of replacing your energy meter, the new one will therefore have another number but the EAN code will remain the same. Unless your electric or gas installation is completely reinstalled. Under these circumstances it may well change.

The DSO, the organization that assigns the EAN codes

EAN code management is one of the responsibilities that fall with the DSOs. Therefore, the one that is active in your area will send you a new one, if required. Remember, this actor in the energy market is also responsible for the maintenance of the distribution networks that carry the energy from the high voltage/pressure grid to your home.

If you are moving into a new home, you will need to have a new meter installed. Again, it is your DSO you must contact to apply for connection and thus obtain an EAN code. Then you will need to have the meter commissioned.

Moreover, consumers with an exclusive night meter, always associated to a standard or dual meter, usually have a single EAN code. However, it may happen that their network manager will grant them a separate EAN code for the exclusive night meter.

When do you need the EAN code?

Moving boxYou need the EAN code to perform almost all procedures related wIth the energy sector. For example, it is required for a simple change of contract or to contact your DSO or provider.

The EAN code is also useful when the changing your energy contract if you are moving house. Indeed, you must ask the previous owner of your new abode to transfer it to you. You, however, must do the same by informing the person moving into the property you are leaving. Why? For the signature of a new contract or transfer of address, suppliers must dispose of it in order to positively identify your home. It would be a shame to get it confused with your neighbour’s!

Where to find your EAN code?

You will find your EAN code on the electricity and/or gas bill sent by your supplier. Unable to find it? Please ask your distribution system operator. For further information, you can find out which DSO operates in your municipal district (ORES, Eandis, Sibelga, etc.) by entering your postal code in the tool developed by Please be aware that in order to help you, the body in question will especially will need to know your address and meter number.

However, if despite your best efforts you are unable to find your EAN codes, you can contact us by phoning 0800 37 456 or by e-mail at