The experts at analyze the evolution in average energy prices for you on a daily basis. The results of their findings? That gas and electricity prices have increased significantly since the beginning of 2021 as business picked up after the lockdown!

While 2020 was all about saving money in the energy sector, 2021 is proving to be a headache! Yes, since business has picked up following the lockdown, electricity and gas prices have increased drastically. But should we switch supplier?

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It is worth switching gas and electricity supplier?

The only component of your energy bill that is subject to competition is the price per kWh you pay your supplier. The transmission and distribution tariffs as well as the taxes are set by CREG, the federal energy regulator. These costs make up a large part of your total bill, but you  shouldn’t overlook the tariffs set by your supplier, especially since the liberalization of the energy market. This is when many suppliers arrived on the market and the competition really started.

As an energy expert, advises you to change your pricing plan or supplier without delay if you think your bills are too high. However, CREG advises consumers against choosing a fixed rate for the moment. The regulator has confirmed that the way prices have increased indicates that they will only go down in the future.

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Don’t be afraid to switch your energy supplier ! It’s easy with!

When it comes to terminating your energy contract with a previous supplier in favor of a new, more favorable contract, the process is much simpler than renegotiating a loan! Since 2012, consumers have been able to change supplier at any time without paying a termination fee to their previous supplier and without any administrative effort. You just need to compare gas and electricity prices and finalize your new contract by completing a simple online form. It all takes less than 5 minutes and the change is instant. can offer you free, personal assistance to complete the process on 0800 37 369 or at

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Which elements do the advisors at take into account for the comparison?

To help you save money and find the best offer on the energy market, our advisors take various elements into account:

  • The price per kWh you currently pay your energy supplier. When they know the latest tariffs, they can compare and easily find a better price than the one you are currently paying;
  • Your consumption habits: are you often at home, have you got a big house, how many domestic appliances do you have, do you have a large family?
  • Your exact consumption in kWh or, if you don’t know what it is, an estimation of it;
  • The type of electricity meter you have: standard, variable rate and, in some cases, only night rate;
  • Your preferred payment method;
  • The importance of green and local energy to you;
  • Your preferences in terms of customer service: can it be online or do you feel more comfortable communicating through traditional channels?

Once your consumer profile has been defined, our advisors have everything they need to help you save money!