The energy sector can sometimes be a very complex field. Whether it be legal procedures in order to connect your house to the electrical grid or to service your boiler, it is not always easy to find your way around. To make things easier, has compiled an exhaustive list of the must-know energy tips!


All about boilers and their maintenance


Do you wish to replace your gas boiler in the near future, or switch from oil to gas, but do not know which model to choose? Our article “How much does a gas boiler cost and which type should you choose?” reviews the existing models for you as well as their purchase and installation prices.

Installing a boiler, whether gas-fired or oil-fired, is one thing. But knowing the regulations for its servicing is equally as important. This is not only a legal obligation, but it also guarantees that the boiler works efficiently and is safe to use. A properly and regularly cleaned and maintained boiler can save you money on your energy bill. Furthermore, some supplier offer boiler maintenance contracts.

>> Learn more about the maintenance of a gas boiler

Have you just finished building your house and would much rather use renewable energy than fossil fuels? In that case, perhaps a heat pump could be the means of heating most suited to your values.

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The procedure for an electricity and gas connection


You know how to bring your electrical system to comply with the norms. Good. But when building your dream house or performing home renovations, the connection to the gas or electricity grid is also a crucial step to take into account.

If you are renovating your home, the first question to ask yourself is if your gas connection is compliant. To do so, you will need to have your boiler checked and serviced.

In the context of a new building, the procedure for a connection to the energy grid is more complex, taking place in several steps. To help you better understand all the stages of a new connection, read more energy tips in our dedicated guides:

An electricity or gas connection will necessarily have to be accompanied by the signing of an energy contract with the supplier of your choosing. Do you not know which energy supplier to turn to? Use our online comparison tool or give our advisors a ring free of charge from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm, on 0800 37 456.

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What about the suppliers and your energy contracts?

Your home is now properly connected and your energy contract is duly signed. With time, however, you might be confronted with new issues. Has the energy context changed and do you now decide to cancel your energy contract, however you do not know how to proceed or what your rights are? Our guide on the cancellation of an electricity or gas contract lays out all the necessary steps to follow.

Besides cancellations, we also share tips with you which could come in handy regarding the additional services provided by the energy suppliers. Between repair assistance, boiler maintenance contracts or many home assistance services, you will get to know the assistance plans offered by the Belgian suppliers like the back of your hand, which should help you pick the best out of them!

Practical and everyday tips about energy for a better consumption

Here at, our goal is to provide you with advice in order to help you save money in your everyday life. To that effect, we have written a series of guides compiling all sorts of tips on energy to make your daily life easier:

  • Do you have photovoltaic panels? What is the current situation of the compensation system?
  • Are you now in a precarious situation and unable to pay your rent or your energy bills? What rights does the winter truce give you?

All things considered, the best tip one could give to save money on energy, besides consuming less, is to compare the different options offered by the energy suppliers. You can get a comparison in a few minutes on our online tool or call our advisors for free. The best contract for your consumption habits might just be a few clicks away!

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