It is now official: is the first CREG-approved energy price comparison tool active in Belgium. In July 2018, CREG adapted its “Charter for the efficient provision of information by online comparison tools”. This charter guarantees the provision of objective, transparent and quality information by the online comparison tool when you compare electricity and natural gas prices.

> Read CREG’s press release (in French)

> Read’s press release (in French) is the leader in the French-speaking market for online energy price comparisons. It helps tens of thousands of households every year to compare prices and switch supplier. Since its creation in 2013 by Wikipower, the platform has enabled more than 280,000 households and professionals to check the energy prices on the market. This has led to average savings of € 180 on their gas and electricity bill.

comparison tool for energy pricesUser-friendly, intuitive and free, allows you to compare the 650 rates that exist in Belgium in just a few clicks.  This way, you can always have the guarantee that you benefit from the best rates. Besides, the CREG charter means you have access to relevant, objective and quality information. Lastly, the comparison tool offers free personalised support provided by energy advisors. The platform also allows you to take out a contract.

An adapted tool to offer you the best information

As a holder of the charter in the past, wished to adapt its tools to comply with the new version of the federal regulator’s charter.

“We always wanted to offer the most objective comparison tool possible by comparing all the suppliers on the market. Since this approach was aligned with the principles of CREG’s charter, it was therefore natural for us to adapt our tool to continue to be certified”, announces Maxime Beguin, CEO of Wikipower.

CREG’s new charter

What is CREG?

CREG is the federal regulator of the electricity and natural gas market in Belgium. It has a variety of missions. First of all, it plays the role of advisor to public authorities. CREG is also responsible for monitoring transparency and competition on the electricity and natural gas markets. In addition, it ensures that the market situation is in the public interest and in line with the overall energy policy. And it always takes into account basic consumer interests.

What is this new charter about?

CREG quality labelIn July 2018, CREG updated its “Charter for the efficient supply of information by online comparison tools” as part of its mission to defend consumer interests. The aim of this new charter is to guarantee that the information provided by comparison tools is correct, relevant and coherent. With objective and easily available information, it is indeed possible to play an active role on the energy market and take reasoned decisions.

The four basic principles of this charter that online comparison services must respect are:

  • to supply clear information on the service;
  • to offer an intuitive and user-friendly service;
  • to be precise and supply information that isn’t misleading, is complete, correct, relevant and up to date;
  • and to act responsibly regarding the information obtained from and sent to the user.

> Read CREG’s press release, the first CREG-approved price comparison tool

“Controls based on the charter and logic and arithmetical tests on the price comparison results revealed that complied with all the charter’s provisions. We have therefore validated their certification for two years”, explains Sophie Lenoble, spokesperson for CREG. “ is therefore the first price comparison tool for gas and electricity to receive CREG’s new quality label. We would like to congratulate them on the work they’ve done to adapt their tools to ensure they comply with the charter’s basic principles”, she continues.

> Read’s press release

In an effort to always provide you with top quality services, will continue to grow. On the one hand, by launching its comparison of telecommunications products, and on the other hand, by developing on an international level in terms of gas and electricity.

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