We’re not suckers!” - It’s a fact of life that people don’t like paying too much, especially for their energy bills. That’s why you probably looked for the cheapest energy supplier when you took out your gas or electricity contract. But how long ago was that? Does your supplier still offer you the most favourable rate? How can you be sure? Energyprice.be reveals its secret for always getting the cheapest rates, year after year.

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Gas and electricity contracts: Belgians are spoilt for choice

But first, let’s set the context since, it’s fair to say, the Belgian energy market is far from straightforward.

Before 2007, consumers didn’t have a choice: they had to make do with the Electrabel (now ENGIE) rate, and that was that. The historical supplier had a total monopoly. However, what made 2007 a significant turning point for consumers was the fact that the market structure changed that year. Belgium decided to liberalize the supply of gas and electricity, which meant that new businesses were able to compete with ENGIE. As a result, Belgium now has around twenty suppliers ready to meet all your gas and electricity needs.

Choice of gas and electricity supplier

Whatever your preferences in terms of pricing (fixed price or variable price, single-rate or dual-rate), billing (bank transfer or direct debit), contract duration (1 to 5 years, or indefinite for the undecided), or energy type (green electricity), the suppliers all offer a variety of products to choose from.

In short, as you may have noticed, it is not always in your interest to find the “cheapest energy supplier and product on the market”. It may be that its pricing or customer service conditions do not suit you. Instead, it’s better to carry out an audit of your needs and wishes first, and then compare the rates of the deals that specifically match your circumstances.

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Which is the best or the cheapest energy supplier in Belgium?

Some consumers may therefore wonder whether, overall, there is one low-cost supplier that is consistently cheaper than the rest. After all, in telecommunications, we know that brands such as Scarlet and Mobile Vikings have made this their key selling point. But the energy industry is structured differently. Unlike the telecoms operators, what the energy supplier actually receives usually represents only 2/3 to 4/5 of what you pay. Before the VAT on electricity and gas was reduced to 6 % (first temporarily during the 2022 energy crisis, then it became permanent), energy in itself rather accounted for around 20% of the total bill. The rest of your gas or electricity bill is made up of network costs and various taxes.

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So, unless they cut their profit excessively, the energy suppliers do not usually have an incentive (or the means) to position themselves as low-cost. However, that does not stop them from competing on the basis of favourable prices. After all, the amount your supplier receives does not affect you as the end consumer: what matters most to you is getting the best services at the best rates for your home.

Finding the cheapest supplier

Temporary promotions: the energy suppliers’ favourite weapon

To address this simple need, many energy suppliers use the temporary promotion method. The aim is to offer you exceptionally low rates per kilowatt-hour (kWh) or cover the cost of your fee to encourage you to become one of their clients.

There is nothing new in this business model; all companies tend to treat their customers with promotions every now and then. But, in the energy industry, you need to be a bit more careful, as this reduction is more complicated than simply buying a discounted item in a shop.

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that these price reductions are temporary. In the majority of cases, they only last for a year. This means that, after that period, your rates per kWh will return to their usual level, which means they will increase drastically.

But time flies and people forget about this minor detail. Many consumers do not always realize that their prices will increase after a year. They allow their supplier to renew their energy contract without paying much attention. So, if you took the trouble to choose the most favourable promotion, you will find yourself with a contract in line with the market average at best, or much more expensive at worst. You’ll have to start again from scratch!

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The solution: compare your gas and electricity rates every year!

To avoid automatic contract renewal at the end of the promotion, there is only one solution: compare your rates every year and, preferably, a little more than one month before your special rate ends. By doing so, you will be able to move from one promotion to another and so obtain the best price per kWh for your energy needs! This is the best trick for saving as much as possible on your energy bills year after year.

What do you need to do?

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Energyprice.be, the leading comparison tool to find the cheapest energy supplier

If you don’t want to note in your diary the exact date when your gas or electricity contract started and then work out the best time to do another comparison, don’t worry. Energyprice.be can remind you at the right time! You can enjoy peace of mind while we monitor when your energy rates are going to increase. Our experts become, as it were, your energy advisers and your smart calendar.

To benefit from this entirely free service, you simply need to change your contract via our platform. This is what you need to do:

  1. Visit our comparison tool and enter your consumption data and any preferences you may have (pricing, billing, duration, type of energy, type of customer service, etc.).
  2. From the list of deals suggested based on your information, choose the one that suits you best. If the product in question is subject to a promotion, the tool will highlight this fact.
  3. Once you have identified your ideal contract, you simply need to sign up. Enter the rest of your information (full address, EAN codes, etc.), then confirm your request to switch contract.
  4. You will receive an email confirming that your request has been received. We will transfer your account to the new supplier, who will then be responsible for carrying out the administrative process with your old supplier to formalize your change of contract. Then all you have to do is provide a meter reading when requested by your old supplier!
  5. Our system identifies when your promotion will end. We will email you at least a month before the termination date to remind you to compare your rates again.
Compare now all energy suppliers active in Belgium and save money on your bill ! Clients save an average of € 275 thanks to Energyprice.be. Have a look on your savings

It’s so quick and easy! We should also mention that, thanks to the CREG certification we have received, you can be sure that the information we provide will be relevant, comprehensive and up-to-date. You, meanwhile, can simply enjoy all the benefits!

Would you prefer to be supported by an energy expert when choosing your contract? If so, please contact one of our advisers free of charge on 0800 37 456 so that they can help you identify the best deal for your home.

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Sample comparison for the city of Namur (5000)

Let’s assume that you live in Namur and you want to find a new rate for your dual-rate electricity contract. Here are the top 5 cheapest contracts in May 2023:

Class.Supplier and contract offeredTotal annual bill (incl. VAT)
Group Green Flex
€ 1,214.52 (with promotion!)
€ 1,254.56 (with promotion!)
Online Flex
€ 1,300.77
€ 1,302.20 (with promotion!)
Online Green Flex
€ 1,328.42

The estimated annual bills in the table above have been calculated based on the estimated annual prices, in accordance with the methodology of the VREG.

Comparison assumptions:

  • Three-person household
  • Average (dual-rate) consumption:
    • Peak hours: 1,600 kWh/year
    • Off-peak hours: 1,900 kWh/year
  • Variable-rate price
  • Exclusively green electricity
  • Contract duration not specified
  • Other criteria:
    • Promotions = yes
    • Direct debit = yes
    • Email billing = yes
    • Online service = yes
    • Payment in advance = yes

>> Do the test with your post code and your own preferences!

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The secret’s out! Finding the best rates has never been so easy. Thanks to Energyprice.be, you can easily access the latest energy supplier deals from anywhere in Belgium.

As a little extra, our customer service department will look after your account and make sure that you always receive the best rates. We will remind you to check your rates again when the time comes, and you can happily enjoy the most favourable rates for your home year after year!

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