When it comes to your monthly expenses, every cent counts! Using a price comparison tool such as Energyprice.be significantly helps to reduce your energy bills. Top of the list? It is a collaborative tool with personalised services , substantial reductions and simplified administrative procedures.  But the list doesn’t end there. Here are   four good reasons to take the plunge and compare your energy prices!

1. A customised service that makes life easier

Do commercial websites leave you perplexed? There is an alternative. You can of course find useful tools online to uncover enticing energy contracts: price comparison tools. Their goal is to make it easier for you to take out an electricity and gas contract.  There’s no need to go to the website of each supplier to do your market analysis. You can review your consumption, compare the prices of different suppliers and pick the contractual conditions that suit you … all on one platform.

With prices often fluctuating depending on the market, all these tools are good at helping to reduce this annual expense that weighs on the household budget. By doing a price comparison, you are above all using one of the few ways to influence your purchasing power. So what are you waiting for to save up to €350 a year?

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What is the role of energyprice.be?

The role of price comparison tools such as energyprice.be or its most recent addition, Comparateur-Telecom.be, is simple. It is about grouping and comparing the prices of suppliers to allow you to choose the best contract. In addition, energyprice.be provides another particularly valuable service: it takes care of the administrative procedure with your current supplier in the event of a change of contract.

Thanks to our comparison tools for energy prices and phone, broadband and TV, you can now quickly identify the most attractive tariff plans on the market and take advantage of them! It gives you a certain amount of purchasing power. Intuitive and reliable, these comparison tools make your life easier by determining the option that best meets your needs!

How does a price comparison tool work?

In a nutshell, a price comparison tool is like a customised calculator. All you need to do is enter your details and preferences (postal code, annual consumption per kWh, payment terms, etc.), then let the tool make the comparison.

It will then review the 724 tariff plans of the various energy suppliers in its database and show you which ones match your criteria.  You can then choose the contract you prefer, depending on the price or the supplier’s added extras (accessibility of customer support, Greenpeace ranking, etc.), and submit a request for a change of contract directly on the comparison website. To confirm your new contract, all you have to do is give in your EAN code and the energyprice.be team will take care of the rest! You don’t have to worry about terminating your old contract. Your dedicated energy advisor will take care of it for you and confirm the date that your new contract will start.

The only thing for you to do? Take the meter readings requested by your previous supplier (or network manager) and send these figures to your energy advisor. They will then be able to draw up the adjustment bill and effectively close the contract.

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2. Finding the best prices in a few clicks

It’s simple. A comparison tool provides all the products or services that correspond to your consumption and installation on one web page.  It saves you hours of juggling between several tabs trying to compare lots of the different information.

But not all comparison tools are the same.  Some do not rigorously update supplier tariff plans, or allow a contract change to be made directly through the tool. Fortunately, this is not the case with energyprice.be. The clear and transparent website guarantees a pleasant experience, complete and up-to-date prices, and a process that takes only a few clicks.

How do you use the price comparison tool?

Intuitive and dynamic, price comparison tools such as energyprice.be or Comparateur-Telecom.be can be used without any technical skills. In fact, using these comparison tools is as easy as shopping online! Depending on your consumption (based on an old energy bill, for example), the offers deemed “best suited” to your needs will be displayed either in order of relevance or in ascending order.  To learn more about using Belgium’s only certified comparison site, see our comprehensive guide and fully avail of the tool’s potential.

3. A website that helps you for free

Who still offers free services these days? Sound tempting to you, but too good to be true? Well, think again! The services of energyprice.be are indeed true and completely free. Best of all, there are no ads on the website.  Your data is strictly protected and never communicated to a third party without your explicit consent.

You don’t have to spend a cent to avail of a high-quality price comparison as well as support from expert advisers.    We are offering the expertise and professionalism of our price comparison tools without anything in return.

By making sure to choose an independent site, you are ensuring a transparent, objective and truly free service!

4. The certification and expertise of energyprice.be

The only price comparison tool certified by the federal regulator of the energy industry, CREG, did not become so by chance. At energyprice.be, quality of service is essential.

Every year, thousands of Belgian households place their trust in this high-quality price comparison tool. It compiles the best offers from commercial sites with complete transparency and no obligations, and sends them to you in the blink of an eye. So what’s your excuse for not availing of the best energy deals? The time for paying too much for your energy bills is well and truly over!

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