Overview of the home page of the Energyprice.be websiteOverview of the home page of the Energyprice.be website

How to use our energy supplier price comparison siteComparator 17 March 2021

Are you looking to find the best electricity and/or gas deal? It couldn’t be easier with our comparison site. Below you can find out how to use it to help you save money! Respond!
Two people tearing up a power contract.Two people tearing up a power contract.

How can you cancel an energy contract easily?Handy guides 17 March 2021 4 Reactions

In Belgium, it is necessary to subscribe to an energy contract in order to be supplied with electricity and gas. But in some cases, you will also have to cancel it. How do you do so? Find out all the necessary steps in this article. Reactions4
Euro coin and gas flameEuro coin and gas flame

The price of gas in 2021: what are you really paying in Belgium?Evolution of market 2 April 2021

Taking an interest in the breakdown of your gas price is essential. Why? Because it includes the amounts that make up your bill and shows you the expensive items! The results might surprise you. Respond!
stakeholders in the energy sectorstakeholders in the energy sector

The various stakeholders in the energy sector: who does what?Handy guides 17 March 2021

Supplier, system operator, regulator… There are a lot of business lines involved in the energy sector! So let’s have a look at them to understand their roles. Respond!
energy priceenergy price

What does the liberalization of the market mean for consumers?Handy guides 17 March 2021

Switching supplier, benefiting from the competition and therefore potentially paying less is possible today for all consumers. Thanks to what? Liberalization! Respond!