detecting a loss of electricitydetecting a loss of electricity

5 tips for detecting a loss of electricityHandy guides 23 March 2021

Did you notice an increase in consumption on your last adjustment bill? This could be due to an electrical leakage. To take control of your consumption and your energy bill, it is important to spot electricity losses. We will explain what you need to do.
Number of kilowatt hour (kWh) indicated by the electricity meterNumber of kilowatt hour (kWh) indicated by the electricity meter

Five questions to understand the relationship between watt and kilowatt-hourHandy guides 23 March 2021

When we talk about electricity, what unit of measurement should we use: the watt, the kilowatt or the kilowatt hour? What do they mean? will help you to differentiate between them.
Energy mix in BelgiumEnergy mix in Belgium

Energy mix in Belgium: where does our electricity come from?Evolution of market 23 February 2021

We all consume electricity, but do we always know how it is produced? What does the energy mix consist of in Belgium? And what is it, exactly? Can a change in the mix influence your electricity consumption? We’re going to delve into the subject to clarify it for you. Summary: Energy mix in Belgium for […]
electrical connectionelectrical connection

4 easy steps to connect your house to the electricity gridHandy guides Uncategorized 23 April 2021

Perhaps you’re moving into a new home and you want to connect it to the electricity grid. The good news is that regardless of who your network operator is, whether it’s ORES, RESA, Sibelga or Fluvius, the process is identical. This is what you need to do for a quick, simple electricity connection. Respond!
energy contract renewalenergy contract renewal

This is why you pay more when your energy contract renewsHandy guides 23 March 2021

What is an automatic contract renewal? It may be the reason your bill goes up! Find out how to avoid it.