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Estimating and understanding how much energy your household appliances use

Electricity and gas : consumption 3 May 2022 2 Reactions

How much energy do your fridge, oven, television, dishwasher and washing machine use each year? To find out and predict how much energy your household appliances use, we explain how you can calculate this yourself, and we give you estimates for all your appliances and show what impact these will have on your energy bill. […]
Seven energy-saving tips for the kitchenSeven energy-saving tips for the kitchen

Seven energy-saving tips for the kitchen

Electricity and gas : consumption 3 May 2022

Reduce your energy consumption when cooking – it can be done! From using the right utensils to optimising your cooking time: discover seven simple, effective tips on how to save energy in the kitchen! 1/ How can you save energy when cooking? Reducing the energy used in your kitchen is easy! When cooking food, use […]

Your simplified energy bill since January 1, 2022!

Electricity and gas: invoice 7 April 2022

Since 2018, Energy market participants and anti-prevalence associations are jointly demanding that a simplified energy bill be established for consumer comfort. Well, that is how it works! From January 1, 2022, suppliers will be asked to send their customers a simplified invoice holding on a double-sided A4 page. So what will she understand?

No more automatic renewal of dormant contracts !

Energie-vergelijker 3 May 2022

On Thursday 27 May 2021, the Chamber approved the bill to ban automatic renewal of dormant energy contracts from 2022. As a result of this decision, affected households will be able to save up to €1,000 a year on their gas and electricity bills. But what actually is a dormant contract and what does federal energy regulator CREG say about them?

Breakdown and repair : emergency assistance from suppliers!

Energy: tips 14 February 2022

With so many energy suppliers operating in the Belgian market, it can be hard to know who to choose. Whether it’s their gas and/or electricity prices, their boiler maintenance contract or their support package, you need to be an expert to compare them! To give you peace of mind when choosing, we set out the support services offered by the leading suppliers in the market (Luminus, Eneco, Engie and Lampiris) and reveal which is the best assistance from supplier to choose.

CWaPE, CREG, Brugel, who are the energy market regulators?

Energie-vergelijker 3 May 2022

Since the liberalisation of the energy market in 2007, the number of players needed for its proper functioning has increased in Belgium. Regulators are included in this number. But who are they, how are they spread across our territory and above all, what is their role?

Four good reasons to use a price comparison tool for your energy bills

Comparator 3 May 2022

When it comes to your monthly expenses, every cent counts! Using a price comparison tool such as Energyprice.be significantly helps to reduce your energy bills. Top of the list? It is a collaborative tool with personalised services , substantial reductions and simplified administrative procedures. But the list doesn’t end there. Here are four good reasons to take the plunge and compare your energy prices!