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time to change suppliertime to change supplier

The right time to switch your energy supplier

Comparator 3 May 2022

The experts at Comparateur-Energie.be analyze the evolution in average energy prices for you on a daily basis. The results of their findings? That gas and electricity prices have increased significantly since the beginning of 2021 as business picked up after the lockdown! While 2020 was all about saving money in the energy sector, 2021 is […]
label energielabel energie

Energy class: no more “+” symbols: the A to G label is making a comeback

Electricity and gas : consumption 20 February 2023

En près de 30 ans, la classe énergétique a connu de nombreuses évolutions de présentation, de classification et de variantes. De la plus efficace énergétiquement à la moins efficace, ce système d’étiquetage obligatoire mis en place par l’Union européenne utilise un code couleur (de vert à rouge) et lettré (de A+++ à D) en vue […]
What steps to take for a move?What steps to take for a move?

Moving out? Here are all the steps you need to know.

Comparateur énergie Moving house 23 June 2022

A move cannot be improvised. To help you best organize this major life stage, we have prepared a guide for you with all the steps to take when it comes to moving. As a bonus, you can download a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything! Moving house is a milestone. Between the excitement […]
electricity suppliers brusselselectricity suppliers brussels

What are the electricity and gas suppliers in Brussels in 2022?

Energy market 3 May 2022

In recent years, Electricity and gas contracts for individuals have been reduced as a grief skin. One remembers for example the withdrawal of Luminus of the Brussels walk in 2018. This decision of the second Belgian supplier was a tough blow to the diversity of the offers in the bilingual territory. What about 2022? Which […]
How to find an energy contractHow to find an energy contract

Belgians do not know which energy contract to pick

Energy market 3 May 2022

Compare and get advice: a safe bet when addressing your energy bill. In fact, according to CREG, the Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation, two million Belgian households have opted for the ten most expensive energy contracts on the electricity market and 1.2 million for the ten most expensive contracts on the gas market. So […]

All you need to know about electricity and gas contracts for tenants

Comparateur énergie Moving house 23 June 2022 2 Reactions

Are you a tenant? If so, you should probably pay attention to some aspects of your energy contracts. Who is responsible for what between you and your landlord? What do you need to do to be supplied with natural gas or electricity when you move in? What is the purpose of an energy transfer document? […]
inflation prix énergieinflation prix énergie

Inflation in 2020: energy prices lower than in 2019

Energy market 3 May 2022

0.74%: this was the average annual inflation rate for 2020 in Belgium, according to a statement from Statbel. This therefore means that consumer prices have increased very little this year. In comparison, this rate was 1.47% in 2019, almost twice as high as in 2020. The cause of this low inflation is, not surprisingly, linked […]
Energyprice.be adviserEnergyprice.be adviser

Choose your energy contract: on your own or with an adviser?

Comparator 3 May 2022

In general, assessing the value of advice is quite complex. Yet when this advice affects your energy bills, it is easy to determine the value. Without the support of an adviser, only 27% of Belgian households choose an appropriate energy contract. >> Read our press release (in French) on the subject “Success” rate: one in […]
how to reduce your energy consumption when working from homehow to reduce your energy consumption when working from home

8 tips to reduce your energy consumption when working from home

Electricity and gas : consumption 6 April 2023

Homeworking: a blessing for some, a headache for others. Whether you’re a fan of homeworking or not, one thing’s almost for sure, the electricity and heating consumption that’s usually your company’s responsibility becomes yours, at your expense. How can you reduce this expense to a minimum? Energyprice.be provides you with 8 tips to make your […]
gas connection conformitygas connection conformity

Is your gas connection compliant?

Energy: tips 11 August 2021

Many households are still unaware of this fact: non-standard gas valves are not permitted for connecting cooking appliances. Are you concerned? Are you liable in the event of an incident? Gas connection compliance is an extremely important issue. The wrong installation can quickly turn out to be disastrous for your safety. Do your gas valves […]
fournisseurs alternatifs d'énergie vertefournisseurs alternatifs d'énergie verte

Alternative energy suppliers: who are they, and how are they shaking up the market?

Energy market 3 May 2022

Do you want to consume your energy differently? That’s fortunate, because that’s what the alternative green energy suppliers are offering! Sustainable, local and relatively small, these businesses are becoming increasingly creative at thinking outside the box to involve you in energy transition. But who are they are where do they source the renewable energy they […]
electricity meterelectricity meter

Single-rate or dual-rate meter: which is best for you?

Electricity and gas: meter 26 April 2022

In Belgium, every home connected to the electricity network has a meter. There are several types: single, dual, night-only, etc. But which should you choose? Based on what criteria? Follow the guide to find out! Summary What is a meter, and what is it used for? 1.1. Meter reading 1.2. Meter number 1.3.The EAN code […]
• Saving energy while you’re on holiday• Saving energy while you’re on holiday

5 tips to save energy while you are on holiday

Electricity and gas : consumption 3 May 2022

Turn off the heating, disconnect your electric appliances, empty your fridge and turn it off… find out our 5 tips for saving energy while you’re away! Are you going on holiday soon? Don’t waste energy while you’re away! Whether you’re going for just a few days or for several weeks, make sure your home is […]