Energy mix in BelgiumEnergy mix in Belgium

Energy mix in Belgium: where does our electricity come from?Evolution of market 10 August 2021

We all consume electricity, but do we always know how it is produced? In Belgium, what does the energy mix consist of? And what is it, exactly? Can a change in the mix influence your electricity consumption? We’ll dive right into the topic to clarify it for you. Summary: Energy mix in Belgium for 2020: […]
electrical connectionelectrical connection

4 easy steps to have an electrical connection in your houseHandy guides Uncategorized 10 August 2021

Perhaps you’re moving into a new home and you want to connect it to the electricity grid. The good news is that regardless of who your network operator is, whether it’s ORES, RESA, Sibelga or Fluvius, the process is identical. This is what you need to do for a quick, simple electrical connection. Respond!
energy contract renewalenergy contract renewal

You end up paying more when your energy contract renews? This is why!Handy guides 10 August 2021

What is an automatic contract renewal? It may be the reason your bill goes up! Find out how to avoid it.
Connecting a house to mains gasConnecting a house to mains gas

4 steps to successfully connect your home to the gas networkHandy guides 10 August 2021

Connecting your home to the natural gas network is possible as long as the gas pipes pass along your road. However, you will still need to meet certain requirements and follow the correct procedure. Why is that? To guarantee your installation is functional as well as to ensure your safety. Summary What is a gas […]
time to change suppliertime to change supplier

The right time to switch your energy supplierEvolution of market 5 August 2021

The experts at analyze the evolution in average energy prices for you on a daily basis. The results of their findings? That gas and electricity prices have increased significantly since the beginning of 2021 as business picked up after the lockdown! While 2020 was all about saving money in the energy sector, 2021 is […]