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The right time to switch your energy supplierEvolution of market 5 August 2021

The experts at Comparateur-Energie.be analyze the evolution in average energy prices for you on a daily basis. The results of their findings? That gas and electricity prices have increased significantly since the beginning of 2021 as business picked up after the lockdown! While 2020 was all about saving money in the energy sector, 2021 is […]
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Energy class: no more “+” symbols: the A to G label is making a comebackEvolution of market 10 August 2021

Over nearly 30 years, energy classes have undergone a number of changes in terms of presentation, classification, and variants. From the most energy-efficient to the least, this compulsory labeling system implemented by the European Union uses a color code (green to red) and a letter code (A+++ to D) to classify the energy efficiency of […]
What steps to take for a move?What steps to take for a move?

Moving out? Here are all the steps you need to know.Handy guides 10 August 2021

A move cannot be improvised. To help you best organize this major life stage, we have prepared a guide for you with all the steps to take when it comes to moving. As a bonus, you can download a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything! Moving house is a milestone. Between the excitement […]
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Electricity and gas suppliers in Brussels: which ones operate in 2021?Évolution du marché Evolution of market 10 August 2021

In recent years, electricity and gas contracts for individuals have decreased enormously in Brussels. We remember, for example, the withdrawal of Luminus from the Brussels market in 2018. This decision, by the second-largest Belgian supplier, dealt a hard blow to the range of plans on offer in the bilingual territory. What about in 2021? So […]
How to find an energy contractHow to find an energy contract

Belgians do not know which energy contract to pickComparator 25 October 2021

Compare and get advice: a safe bet when addressing your energy bill. In fact, according to CREG, the Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation, two million Belgian households have opted for the ten most expensive energy contracts on the electricity market and 1.2 million for the ten most expensive contracts on the gas market. So […]