The experts at analyze the average energy price movements for you on a daily basis. The results? Gas and electricity prices fell significantly in 2020 as a result of COVID-19!

That’s one piece of good news in an unpleasant situation! We need to go back several years to find gas and electricity prices as cheap as they were in 2020. However, at the start of 2021, energy rates appear to be on the rise again. This means it’s important to change energy supplier without delay to take advantage of the current low prices. After all, why miss the opportunity to make great savings?

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It is worth changing gas and electricity supplier?

In terms of your energy bill, the transmission and distribution rates and the taxes are fixed by the energy regulator, CREG. They also make up a large portion of your total bill. However, since the liberalization of the energy market, suppliers have been able to determine the energy component of your bill. This is the only means of differentiation at their disposal if they want to compete and attract new customers. Upon investigation, we realize that this energy price is actually very low!

We regularly hear about the importance of renegotiating a property loan when the current rates fall. The principle is the same here: Energyprice recommends that you change your pricing plan or supplier without delay. If you choose a fixed-price deal, your energy cost is fixed for the duration of the contract you take out. This means you will enjoy an attractive rate and protect yourself from any future increases.

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When it comes to terminating your energy contract with a previous supplier in favor of a new, more favorable contract, the process is much simpler than renegotiating a loan! Since 2012, consumers have been able to change supplier at any time without paying a termination fee to their previous supplier and without any administrative effort. You just need to compare gas and electricity prices and finalize your new contract by completing a simple online form. It all takes less than 5 minutes and the change is instant. can offer you free, personal assistance to complete the process on 0800 37 369 or at

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