1. Introduction

The Energyprice.be site and all the applications or software available on the Site are held and operated by the Wikipower company whose headquarters are located at Rue Natalis 2, 4020 Liège, Belgium (company registration number BE 0840.194.796 – Liège). The Energyprice.be name is the trading name of Wikipower within the framework of its energy price comparison services and of the subscription to energy price offers on behalf of the user.

The use of the ‘Comparateur-Energie.be, ‘Energie-Vergelijker.be’ and ‘Energyprice.be’ websites implies your total and complete acceptance of the whole of the General Conditions of use and of our Privacy policy, along with Wikipower cookies, which you confirm having read and which are to be found HERE (in French). In addition, Energyprice.be is also subject to these specific conditions which you confirm having read by ticking the box included on the comparison form.

These specific conditions thus apply to the use of the ‘Energyprice.be’ application as well as to the General Conditions of Use and to our Privacy policy and Cookies.

In a case where there is a contradiction between these Specific Conditions of Use on the one hand and the General Conditions of Use and/or the Privacy policy and Cookies on the other, the stipulations of the Specific Conditions take precedence.

2. General considerations

The service proposed by Energyprice.be on this site is offered free of charge to users.

The aim of Energyprice.be is to enable private individuals and companies to take advantage of the liberalisation of the energy market to rapidly and easily change suppliers, in order to make savings on their energy bills.

Any energy supply contract which may be concluded via our site is made exclusively between you and a supplier who has been identified on our site. Energyprice.be only acts as an intermediary for registering your details during the subscription to a contract between you, the user, and an identified energy supplier.

Users of the Energyprice.be website commit, before making any definitive subscription to an energy supply contract with a supplier, to read and accept the general and specific conditions of their contract with the supplier.

Users recognise and accept that the on-line estimate of their electricity or gas consumption on the Energyprice.be site is simply an estimate and thus remains approximate.

We would also point out that we exercise no control over the quality of the energy supply offers made, nor over the truthfulness or accuracy of the content of these offers. Any indications regarding the tariffs and supply conditions on our site, application or tool, are provided solely in an informative capacity.

  • Offers shown on Energyprice.be are listed according to the sole criterion of increasing price;
  • The Energyprice.be website is paid for by the energy suppliers present on the site when you select one of the offers, but this remuneration has no impact on the listing of offers or on your tariff;
  • The offers shown for comparison represent all of the offers on the energy suppliers market with whom it is possible to subscribe on-line.

3. Updating of tariffs

Every month, the prices and promotions of all the suppliers in Belgium are updated on the Energyprice.be website. A first update is applied on the first working day of each month, in line with the price listings publicly available on this date; tariffs are then added as the suppliers publish them.

4. Methodology

Energyprice.be compares the products of all suppliers active on the electricity and gas markets in Belgium, taking account of information supplied by users on the comparison form.

Users can thus note the following information:

  • Their annual consumption;
  • Their current supplier and tariffs;
  • The size of their household;
  • Etc.

Once a user has indicated their annual consumption, their current supplier and prices, this information is used to estimate potential savings following a change of supplier.

If a user indicates only their current supplier, the default offer of that supplier is used for the comparison. The default offer is the most common offer from the indicated supplier. The user may at any moment substitute the default offer by that of their choice.

If the user does not know their consumption, this is estimated on the basis of the size of the household.

In the three cases set out above, the comparison is made on the basis that the contract with the current energy supplier would be renewed during the current month, with the prices of the price list of this same month. It is on the basis of this price list that potential savings are calculated.

And finally, if the identity of the current supplier is not given, only the annual total of the bill is shown on the results page. No savings are therefore given.

The results page then lists the products in decreasing order, going from the most financially beneficial offer to the most expensive.

The Greenpeace note is also indicated for information, but this has no influence on the order in which the suppliers appear. A single note per supplier is attributed by Greenpeace independently of Energyprice.be. For more information about the methodology of the Greenpeace classification, visit the website of Greenpeace.

Offers indicating 100% green electricity signify that the supplier has been accredited with Labels of Guaranteed Origin. The 100% green character of an electricity supply offer is independent of the Greenpeace note.

5. Our partners

In order to supply a quality service, Wikipower has concluded partnerships with numerous suppliers:

  • Antargaz
  • Engie-Electrabel
  • Energie 2030
  • Eneco
  • Essent
  • Lampiris
  • Luminus
  • Mega
  • Total

Our partners pay Energyprice.be an administrative fee for each client EAN to which the client subscribes with a selected supplier.

6. Subscribing to an offer via our Site and mandate

By filling out the subscription form on Energyprice.be, the user is giving a mandate to Energyprice.be to complete, in their name and on their behalf, the form for the corresponding offer, located on the website of the supplier, using the data that the user has previously supplied. Energyprice.be thus subscribes, in the name of and on behalf of the user, to an energy supply contract with the supplier designated by the user.

The mandate thus given is valid until it is revoked. The contractual obligations to which Energyprice.be has subscribed in the name of the user, nevertheless remain in force until this revocation. The mandate and the services of Energyprice.be will be terminated once the client has received the contract from the selected energy supplier.

The above-mentioned services of Energyprice.be are supplied free of charge.

Energyprice.be can also transmit the details of the user to the supplier via another transfer protocol. We would repeat that the contract will be concluded directly between the user and the selected energy supplier.

Energyprice.be is a third party with respect to the contract concluded between the user and the selected energy supplier and will therefore not intervene to renew this contract, as a mediator in a case of dispute or for any other action involving the user’s energy supply contract.

When subscribing to an offer via our site, the user will be asked to tick the box ‘I have read and I accept the general conditions of the supplier along with the Price List and I mandate Energyprice.be to record, transmit and conclude the energy supply offer of the selected supplier.’

Once the request for subscription to an offer has been received, Energyprice.be in principle transmits the subscription request to the selected supplier within 24 hours. The user can put a stop to the subscription request, without cost, by contacting us by telephone or e-mail within the prescribed time limit. If this proves not to be possible, the user once again has the possibility of renouncing the energy supply contract within 14 days, in line with article VI.47 of the Economic Law code (see article 7 below).

7. Right to withdrawal

The user has the right to renounce the energy supply contract to which he has subscribed via our site, without any penalty being payable and without justification, within a time limit of 14 calendar days from the date of reception of the confirmation of the supply contact by the energy supplier or, in the case of a sale by telephone, from the date on which he has confirmed the supply contract. To exercise this right to withdrawal, the user has to inform the energy supplier of this decision, via a clear declaration (for example by letter, fax or e-mail). To do this, we recommend the user to make use of the cancellation form which is available to be downloaded from the website of the energy supplier.

If the user has already asked that the supply of electricity/gas commence during the period of withdrawal, they will be liable to pay a sum in proportion to what they have already consumed at the moment at which they inform the energy supplier that they are renouncing their contract. This right to withdrawal is exercised free of charge and terminates all obligations by the parties.

8. Guarantee and responsibility

By using the Energyprice.be application on our site and by requesting our services with a view to subscribing to a supplier’s offer, the user guarantees and certifies that:

  • They are not a minor and is legally authorised to, contract;
  • Their registration data and the data relative to their consumption is genuine, precise, complete and up to date information which is regularly updated.

The user in particular commits to not using the application by giving false information, whether this is purely imaginary or applies to a third party. The user is thus responsible for the accuracy of the information they supply.

Energyprice.be cannot in any circumstances be held responsible for any loss and/or damages, direct or indirect, suffered in a case of the non-conformity of the user with the obligations set out in paragraph 7 of this document, and the user will hold Energyprice.be non-liable for any fees or damages resulting from erroneous information.

Before concluding an energy supply contract via our site, the user commits to reading and accepting the general conditions of sale and the Privacy policy of the selected energy supplier.

Energyprice.be declines any responsibility if the energy supplier, acting within the stipulations of the law, refuses to conclude a contract with the user or demands a further guarantee. We are thinking in particular of a situation where the energy supplier refuses to conclude a contract for reasons of unpaid debts with regard to this supplier or a case where the client has moved to an area which is not serviced by the supplier.

9. Personal data

Within the context of the use of the comparison tool or the subscription to an offer from a supplier, the user will be required to register personal data. The whole of these personal data transmitted will be handled in conformity with our data protection policy, available HERE and which details the manner in which we collect and hold the user’s personal data.

Within the context of the use of the comparison tool, the personal data which we handle comes from the data which the user records in order to use the comparison tool, obtain an estimate and a price offer, or subscribe to an offer. Among others, these data include the following: name, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account number, EAN number, gas and electricity consumption, meter number, make-up of the household, information about the residence.

This information is essential for the use of the comparison tool or for subscribing to an offer from an energy supplier. The user’s personal data will only be communicated to the supplier selected by him in a case where he requests a subscription to an offer. This communication will be made with his prior consent when using the application and in a case of subscription to an offer via our site, when they will be asked to tick the appropriate box relevant to our Privacy conditions. The legal basis for handling the user’s data for subscribing to an energy supply offer is the conclusion of a contract between the user and Energyprice.be via which he mandates us to conclude a contract in his name and on his behalf. We would however recall here that the contract with the energy supplier identified on our site is subject to the specific conditions and Privacy policy of the supplier which are proper to this supplier and which the user has to read and accept prior to any subscription.

10. Intellectual property

By using the Energyprice.be comparison tool, the user benefits solely from a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use of the software and applications made available on our site. The user commits to using these rights solely for personal ends and not to carry out services or other operations on behalf of third parties.

All rights relative to the software and application to be found on the Energyprice.be site, along with its content and its functionalities (1) are the exclusive property of WIKIPOWER (in particular intellectual rights allied to its conception and its development, the source codes, copyright, commercial brands authors’ rights), (2) are protected by the applicable legal stipulations at international and national levels (3) and are in no case transferred in whole or part within the framework of a licence to use the application or software.

11. Complaints management

In a case where a complaint may be made, fill out the contact form located at the bottom of the home page or write to this address: info@energyprice.be. Your request will be handled within 48 working hours.

12. General information

  • Postal address: rue Natalis 2, 4020 Liège
  • E-mail address: info@energyprice.be
  • Telephone number: 0800 37 456

Note: This document is a translation from the original French. While it is believed to be accurate in every respect, only the French version is legally binding.