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Terms of Use

The service offered by via this site is free of charge to users.

The goal of is to enable private individuals and companies to take advantage of energy market liberalisation to change energy supplier quickly and easily in order to save money on their energy bills. acts as an intermediary between you, the users, and the energy suppliers. The service is completely free for users.

Methodology compares products from all the suppliers active in the electricity and gas markets in Belgium based on the information provided by the user via the comparison form. If the user enters their annual consumption and their current supplier and package, this information is used to estimate the potential savings that could be achieved by changing supplier. If the user does not enter their current package but does provide the supplier, the supplier’s default package is used for the comparison. If the user does not know their consumption, it is estimated based on the size of their household. Finally, if the current supplier is not entered, the annual bill amount is estimated on the results page. The results page then displays the products in decreasing order, starting from the most financially advantageous package to the most expensive.

Our partners

In order to offer a high-quality service, Wikipower has forged partnerships with many suppliers:

  • Antargaz
  • Cociter
  • Engie-Electrabel
  • Energie 2030
  • Eneco
  • Essent
  • Lampiris
  • Luminus
  • Mega
  • Poweo

Our partners pay a fixed administration fee for each EAN code for which the customer creates an account with the selected supplier.


By completing the subscription form on, the user authorises to complete the form for the corresponding package on the supplier’s website using the data the supplier has previously provided, or to send the data to the supplier via a different transfer protocol.

General information

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