Which is the cheapest gas and electricity supplier?


Find the cheapest energy supplier quickly! To help you, here is a table showing all the best energy deals for August 2021. It gives you an estimate for gas consumption and electricity consumption, including the exclusive offers on our comparison site. These offers are all are available on our free comparison site which is certified by the CREG (Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation).

*The conditions for calculating these special offers can be found later in this article. However, they are subject to the supplier’s terms and conditions.

How should I read the comparison table of the best monthly offers?

First of all, think about which type of energy you want to have:

  • If you do not have a gas supply, you may only be looking for an electricity contract. If so, you will find the cheapest electricity supplier on the first line of the table.
  • If you are satisfied with your electricity supply but you want to change your gas contract, the second line of the table will show you the cheapest gas supplier.
  • If you would rather have a new, combined contract for gas and electricity, you should look at the third line to find the best monthly energy deals.

Next, consider the number of people in your household. The comparison table shows the best monthly deal for the consumption of a single person, a 3-person household and a 5-person household.

Note: the amounts are calculated based on the conditions and assumptions shown below. For further information or to obtain a personalised simulation with the help of one of our energy advisers, please call us free on 0800 37 369.

You can also send us your gas or electricity bill by email (info@comparateur-energie.be) to receive a free, personalised audit of your energy consumption. One of our advisers will then contact you to discuss it with you.

Here are all the conditions for the special offer table:

1.      Place of reference

  • Post code = 1000
  • Municipality = Bruxelles

2.      Type of energy

3.      Type of contract

  • Changing supplier: the consumer is not yet a customer of this supplier. Nor does it involve a contract taken out when moving house.

4.      Electricity consumption:

  • 1 person: day = 300 kWh and night = 300 kWh
  • 3 people: day = 1,600 kWh and night = 1,900 kWh
  • 5 people: day = 2,700 kWh and night = 3,900 kWh

5.      Gas consumption

  • 1 person = 8,000 kWh
  • 3 people = 23,260 kWh
  • 5 people = 34,890 kWh

6.      Services activated

  • Promotions = yes
  • Direct debit = yes
  • Email billing = yes
  • Online service = yes
  • Payment in advance = yes

Compare your energy prices once a year to enjoy better rates

To get the best energy deals, we recommend that you compare your rates with the latest supplier deals at the end of your contract. You can also do it once a year. This lets you pick up special offers every year.

Which energy supplier suits you best? Find it out with a simulation!

How can I find the cheapest energy supplier?

  1. Enter your electricity and/or gas consumption  data and your post code into our price comparison site.
  2. View a list of the cheapest energy contracts. Refine your search criteria if necessary (green energy, fixed price or variable price, billing type, payment preference, etc.).
  3. Choose the energy contract that is right for you and sign up directly at Energyprice.be.

It’s quick, easy and secure!

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To find out more

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Finally, please see our blog for further advice on your gas and electricity consumption.