Which is the cheapest gas and electricity supplier?


Unfortunately, there is no discount available in August. But you can still compare your current contract with all the available deals on our free comparison site which is certified by the CREG (Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation).

Compare your energy prices once a year to enjoy better rates

To get the best energy deals, we recommend that you compare your rates with the latest supplier deals at the end of your contract. You can also do it once a year. This lets you pick up special offers every year.

Which energy supplier suits you best? Find it out with a simulation!

How can I find the cheapest energy supplier?

  1. Enter your electricity and/or gas consumption  data and your post code into our price comparison site.
  2. View a list of the cheapest energy contracts. Refine your search criteria if necessary (green energy, fixed price or variable price, billing type, payment preference, etc.).
  3. Choose the energy contract that is right for you and sign up directly at Energyprice.be.

It’s quick, easy and secure!

Compare now all energy suppliers active in Belgium and save money on your bill ! Clients save an average of € 275 thanks to Energyprice.be. Have a look on your savings

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To find out more

Would you like to find out more about the suppliers? Please read their fact sheets.

For further information on the Energyprice.be concept and our team, please visit the About us section. You can also find out more about the CREG quality label we have received.

Please also look at our FAQs if you have any other questions of a practical nature.

Finally, please see our blog for further advice on your gas and electricity consumption.