Are you looking to find the best electricity and/or gas deal? It couldn’t be easier with our comparison site. Below you can find out how to use it to help you save money!


Today, more and more consumers are resorting to online price comparison sites to choose a supplier, service or any service provider. The energy sector is no exception and there are numerous comparison websites on the Internet. The procedure is quite straightforward and generally takes only a few minutes. Then the user need only wait to change supplier or start their new contract.

But what really happens once you have signed up to an online price comparison website? reviews step by step the process taken by the various stakeholders in the energy sector after you have visited an online price comparison website.

How does work?

Euros that a price comparison tool can allow you to is a free service supplied by the company Wikipower. Wikipower is a private, independent initiative whose mission is to make energy cheaper to both the general public and companies by involving them in the collaborative projects it organizes. They include group purchases of gas and electricity. They gather together thousands of households allowing Wikipower to promote transparent competition among Belgian energy suppliers and negotiate the best energy supply deals. has two goals. First, it must provide consumers with the chance to take advantage of the liberalization of the market to change supplier and thus reduce their energy bills. To do so, it offers them the chance to compare the prices set by the various electricity and gas suppliers operating in Wallonia, Flanders and in the Brussels-Capital Region. The tool is available to individuals and professionals whose annual consumption does not exceed 50,000 kWh of electricity and 100,000 kWh of gas.

Next, it aims to inform consumers and raise their awareness of the sustainability of the various companies by clearly mentioning their energy generation mix (nuclear, gas, coal, wind…) on the supplier presentation page.

From the encryption of your data to subscribing to a deal

Users of start by filling in the comparison form to get a precise comparison of the various deals offered by suppliers. The most important data at this stage are your postal code, electricity and/or gas consumption (in kWh or m³), the type of electricity meter (standard or dual or exclusive night) and, where applicable, the current supplier.

The results page then appears offering the user all of the deals available on the market arranged according to their consumption profile and search criteria. If you wish, you can set it so that just the five current best contracts are displayed. Then, the customer can select the supplier, the deal of their choice, and fill in the subscription form. This consists of three steps including a summary that includes all of the data entered.

Once the form is filled in, employees receive the user’s data and forward them to the supplier concerned. At this point, there are three possible situations:

  1. Change of electricity or gas supplier;
  2. Moving;
  3. Opening of the meter.

These are the three profiles of users who visit and conclude a contract, alone or with the help of one of our consultants. If you wish to receive further information, please do not hesitate to contact our staff on 0800 37 456, or by e-mail at Our team is entirely at your disposal.

What criteria can be taken into account?

Bulb shaped by green leavesHaving entered your consumption details, you get a classification of the most competitive deals on the market according to your consumption profile, listed from the cheapest to the most expensive.

You can also filter the deals according to several criteria:

In addition, this simulator includes the results of the last Greenpeace ranking to allow you to determine if the supplier actually invests in developing renewable energy. So, on a scale of 1 to 3 represented by suns, you can determine which are the most sustainable suppliers on the market.

What do you need to make the comparison?

To make the best use of the comparison website, you will need your latest gas or electricity bill, which will give you these items:

  • Annual daytime consumption in kWh;
  • Annual night time consumption in kWh (when applicable);
  • Exclusively night time annual consumption in kWh (when applicable);
  • Annual gas consumption in kWh (when applicable).

If you do not have this information, you can still perform a tentative simulation by selecting the size of your household. Automatically, our system will provide you with default consumption. You can also contact one of our staff on 0800 37 456. They will be glad to help with your queries.