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Certification CREG

Price simulator

With our CREG-certified price simulator, you can compare now the price plans of every energy suppliers and change for the one that suits you most. Saving money has never been that easy!

Certification CREG

Tailor-made advisory services for free

Based on your personal criteria (clean energy options, fixed or variable prices, contract duration, and more), our advisors will guide you and identify for you the price plan that suits you most.

Certification CREG

Moving services

Moving to a new house comes with a lot of changes. Your energy consumption may be one of them. Luckily, Energyprice.be is there to help you choose your new energy supplier and to take care of all the paperwork.

Price simulator

We compare the price plans of every energy supplier

Energyprice.be continuously aggregates for you all the prices plans that are made available by the energy providers in Belgium. In just a few clicks, you can now find for free the lowest electricity or gas price plan based on:

  • your personal situation, whether you plan to start a new electricity meter, to change your energy supplier or to move;
  • your values, such as supporting a local supplier who may or not invest in renewable energy;
  • your billing preferences, in case you would prefer direct debit over bank transfer, or the other way around.

You are the one to decide what kind of contract you want! Then, you can simply subscribe to your prefered price plan directly on our website, and we take care of the rest. Saving money on your energy bills have never been that fast and simple!

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Send us your bill details and we will help you find the right plan.

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Tailor-made advisory services for free

We analyze your energy consumption needs

Through a simple yet efficient methodology, Energyprice.be can optimize your energy budget in a custom-made way. Our support comes first with a close attention to your expetactions. Then, we sort out the right price plans for you, based on you energy consumption (e.g. what kind of electricity meter do you have ? What is your average consumption ?) and your personal preferences (e.g. is your priority to lower your bill or your overall energy consumption ? Have you chosen to consume 100% of clean energy ? Do you prefer fixed or variable prices ?).

In order to come up with the results that suit best your profile, our analysis is set to be precised and tailor-made. That is the reason why our team of experts follows you closely before, during and after you engage in changing your energy provider.

We are available for you and are always happy to advise you on your energy consumption. Feel free to fill in our Call-Back form if you would like one of our experts to call you back at your desired timeframe. Or you can directly call us at the charge-free number 0800 37 456.

Moving services

We make your moving easier

Congratulations for your new home ! Moving often means you will have to deal with a lot of changes, and it is not always easy to remember everything. Luckily, Energyprice.be is there to help you manage your energy contracts. Have you considered to make a general check-up of your consumption of electricity and gas lately ? There is a high chance it has changed since the last time you checked, and it might be interesting to consider other price plans from other energy suppliers (or even from the same one !). You may be able to find better offerings that may be better suited to your current consumption needs.

The Energyprice.be team is there to make this process way easier during that busy period of your life. Indeed, our team will make sure to take care of most of the heaviest part of the paperwork involved, so that you can focus on what needs most your attention : your boxes. In order to beneficiate from our assistance, you simply need to identify on our price simulator the price plan that matches best the needs of your new home, and to subscribe to it directly on our website. You can then enjoy your new home at its most optimal energy consumption capacity without stress.

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A CREG-certified price simulator

Energyprice.be is proud to be accredited by CREG , the federal energy market regulator. The label stands testament to our determination to bring you the best-in-class service.

CREG accreditation gives you the reassurance that :

  • we are independent of all gas and electricity suppliers ;
  • we treat everyone with professionalism and without bias ;
  • we offer a reliable, powerful price simulation tool ;
  • we hold accurate, easy-to-understand, exhaustive information.

So you can rest easy knowing that we’re well-placed to help reduce your energy bills. Now it’s up to you!

Certification CREG

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