Antargaz supplies propane and butane in tanks and bottles throughout Belgium and natural gas in Flanders and Wallonia. Its promise: to offer a competitive price throughout the year.

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Antargaz, the Belgian subsidiary of an American group...

Antargaz belongs to the US group UGI Corporation. Founded in 1882, UGI, through its subsidiaries, distributes and markets butane, propane and natural gas. These energy products have been joined by electricity services, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

In the 1990s, the US company didn’t stop growing. It made a name for itself in the United States and reached the first billion dollars in revenue. Reinforced by this national success, it decided to set up in Europe in 2004 and bought Antargaz in France. This distributor was formerly owned by the oil company Elf, which was absorbed by Total. This acquisition forced the French oil giant to sell Antargaz in order to comply with European competition rules.

...that has become a world leader in the supply of gas 

Today, Antargaz is among the major players in LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) in France with Butagaz, Primagaz and Finagaz, formerly Totalgaz. This former subsidiary of Total, specializing in the sale of butane and propane, was bought and renamed by UGI in 2014.

In Belgium too, Total’s LPG activities are over. In April 2017, they were taken over by Primagaz Benelux. But in 2011, it was the American multinational that took over those of Shell in our country, and especially in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Sweden.

Antargaz’s parent company thus continues to strengthen its leading position on the LPG market. Number 1 in the US and Benelux, the UGI Group is present in 16 European countries where it occupies a prominent place. 

A customer service presented as responsive and high quality

Antargaz wants its customer service to be easily accessible. Attentive to its relationship with its customers, the supplier aims to provide them with peace of mind. To do so, it ensures it will answer customers’ queries as quickly as possible. These can be conveyed by phone, e-mail and via a contact form on its website.

In addition, the company has created “Mon Antargaz”, a personal online customer portal for consulting contracts and personal data and modifying them if necessary. This may be necessary when moving house and so to make a change of address for the gas bill.

In addition to wanting to be accessible, Antargaz is committed to honesty and transparency. In practice, the company undertakes to “make what looks complex quite understandable” and “build a lasting relationship” with its customers. It is for this reason that it states on its bills just how gas prices are calculated.

They can also be sent by e-mail or by regular mail and are payable by bank transfer or direct debit. It’s up to the customer.

Butane, propane, natural gas: what rates?

In Belgium, Antargaz specializes in the distribution of gas in tanks and bottles as well as natural gas to private individuals and businesses. Three products that will allow you to cover your different needs.

Natural gas

Antargaz only offers natural gas in Flanders and Wallonia. Brussels residents must therefore look to another energy supplier if they are connected to the natural gas network and want to use it for heating, cooking and hot water.

Where it is present, the distributor says it offers the lowest prices, thanks to its low margins and not to any temporary deals or promotions. Indeed, it rejects such practices, accusing them of offering an attractive gas price for only a very short period. 

However, it’s best to check that Antargaz’s prices are the most attractive before signing a contract, although it may be terminated at any time. To do so, the best solution is to compare the deals of all suppliers of natural gas. Nothing could be simpler, especially as Antargaz only markets one product. Called “Antargaz Gaz variable”, as its name indicates, it offers an indexed rate.

This means that the price paid by the customer changes during thegas contract which, in this case, is indeterminate. Indeed, it depends on many factors and varies every three months. The customer then receives, either once a month or every quarter, a provisional invoice based on their previous consumption and estimated consumption for the coming year. After 12 months, you receive your final invoice. If you have overpaid, you are refunded the difference but if you have consumed more than expected, you must settle the difference.

Tanked propane gas

People whose home is not connected to natural gas can still heat and cook with gas by installing an underground or an overground tank. By contracting Antargaz, they will receive comprehensive service because the company looks after the installation, filling and maintenance of the unit.

Concerning the cost of installation, Antargaz is not able to inform directly because it fluctuates depending on the size of the tank as well as where it is installed. To find out, you must make an appointment (without commitment) with an Antargaz energy consultant. They will analyse the situation and then make you a personalized offer. 

Moreover, the government determines the maximum price of bulk propane, i.e. in a tank. This means that suppliers cannot exceed the established rate, but they have the right to sell at a lower price. It is therefore interesting to compare the rates of several sellers in order to spend as little as possible.

Bottled butane and propane gas

Antargaz sells a wide assortment of bottled gas. Containing butane or propane, small or large capacity, composite material or metal, each presents features for consideration before choosing. The important thing is that the model purchased is designed for the device to which it is connected.

In the past, gas bottles allowed satisfying basic needs. Today, this is no longer the case. Indeed, according to Kris Peeters, Minister for the Economy and Consumers, ”they are especially for recreational or for industrial applications”. They are used, for example, to fuel a barbecue or a patio heater.

Because of this evolution, since 1 August 2017 the price of butane and propane gas bottles is no longer limited by the government. Inquiring about the rates charged by the different distributors is therefore essential to avoid paying too much. 

Meanwhile, Antargaz advises as to maximum prices on its website. However, distributors of Antargaz gas cylinders are free to establish a different rate. So there’s no alternative but to contact your local dealer to find out the applicable rate.

Antargaz might interest you if:

  • You need gas in tanks and/or gas bottles;
  • You are seeking simplicity with a single rate for natural gas;
  • You don’t want to have the same energy supplier for electricity and natural gas.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 02/319.59.41.

For queries concerning moving house: 02/319.59.41.

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