Belpower is a Belgian electricity supplier. It is present in Wallonia, Flanders and the Brussels area and offers contracts for both private individuals and professionals. Its business strategy: to spotlight the green nature of its electricity.

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Belpower, a 100% Belgian electricity supplier

Belpower belongs to the Belgian group REIBEL established in Brussels in 1985 involved in international logistics.  Its mission: to organize transport for third parties and especially for humanitarian organizations. The company’s customers include prestigious names such as the UN, the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. 

Through these collaborations, REIBEL has been repeatedly invited to put forward concrete solutions in various sectors. Thus it began to pay close attention to the energy sector and became aware of many problems. Faced with the reality, it anticipated the advent in 1998 of photovoltaic power and decided a few years later to enter the renewable energy sector.

The creation of Belpower was, therefore, a logical continuation. In Belgium, Belpower has been positioned as a developer, seller and integrator of photovoltaic installations for individuals, SMEs and communities.  In addition to these activities, the company went into the supply of green electricity coinciding with theliberalization of the energy market.  It believes this is a natural development since as it allows consumers to invest in renewable energy, it also wants to help them reduce their fossil fuel bills. Hence it does not supply gas.

Today Belpower has exported its know-how to many countries such as France, Italy and the United States. In Belgium, the company has some twenty employees and seeks to ensure respect for the environment and human beings. In this way it reinvests part of its profits in sustainable development and contributes to the local economy by recruiting personnel in the markets where it operates. 

Reduced customer service and conventional payment methods 

While gas and electricity suppliers offer their customers many different ways of contacting them, Belpower has chosen sobriety. Indeed, the company is only reachable by e-mail or by phone from Monday to Friday from 8:15 am to 3:00 pm.

Moreover, Belpower does not offer chats (instant messaging), or personal online space. This decision may be regretted by those comfortable with the Internet and used to managing their contracts online. However, there is an FAQ section on the provider’s website, useful in case of FAQs.

Regarding the billing method, it varies according to the deal. With Formule 1 bills are sent by e-mail, with Formule 2 by regular post, and SUN leaves the choice up to the customer. To make payment, the customer can opt for direct debit or make a transfer. If the second option is preferable, the supplier reminds the customer under its general terms that the bill must be settled within 15 days of receipt. 

Are you afraid of not being able to pay on time because you receive high electricity bills?  Consider using an electricity and gas supplier price comparison website to benefit from the cheapest deal and save money.

Green electricity but a negative opinion by Greenpeace

Regarding its rates, Belpower differs from other actors in the energy market, such as Engie Electrabel and Lampiris, on two levels: it does not apply any promotions and it only sells electricity. So, households wishing to connect to natural gas will have to find out who offers the cheapest price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for gas on the market and perhaps change electricity supplier.

At Belpower, there are three fixed-rate green electricity contracts. The first two, Formule 1 and Formule 2, are available throughout Belgium and have a duration of one, two or three years.  Their advantage: an attractive annual fee in Flanders and Wallonia. Indeed, the amount reaches only 20 or 25 euros. The third formula, SUN, guarantees the same price for one or three years. Only sold in the south, it is intended for owners of photovoltaic panels. 

Is Belpower a company for recommending to eco-friendly consumers? Not according to Greenpeace. In fact the NGO has assigned a very low energy score in its ranking of green electricity suppliers (3/20). Why? Because Belpower’s own production is too low and it buys electricity, mainly of nuclear or fossil fuel origin. To greenwash, the company then procures guarantees of origin.

Therefore, people wishing to support the renewable energy sector should:

Services related to solar power

In addition to supplying electricity, Belpower sells renewable energy solutions. The company has thus specialized in the installation and commissioning of various types of photovoltaic solar panels. Guaranteed for between 15 and 20 years, they are a priori made from quality materials and recommended to customers based on their own situation and specific needs.

To do so, Belpower continuously trains its employees in the latest technologies. Its goal: to provide a reliable service and be able to respond to all current technical and administrative issues. However, for attractive rates, don’t hesitate to participate in a group purchase of solar panels!

In addition, Belpower is committed to providing impeccable after-sales service. For example, the energy supplier guarantees rapid intervention in case of a breakdown of an inverter under warranty. Do you have a technical problem with a module installed by a third company? Again, Belpower offers help. The company will draft a diagnosis and a plan of action to resume the installation.

Belpower might interest you if:

  • If you want to subscribe to a green electricity contract;
  • You want a contract that freezes the price of electricity;
  • You plan to invest in a photovoltaic system.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 02/319.59.70.

For queries concerning moving house: 02/319.59.70.

Contact Bellower

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer services: 02/421.99.99, open Monday to Friday from 8:15 am until 3 pm.
  • Mail: Belpower International S.A. Chaussée de Vilvorde, 11, 1120 Bruxelles


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  • Water energy27,00
  • Wind turbine26,00
  • Solar17,00