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Originally a supplier of fuel oil, Comfort Energy offers electricity and natural gas since 2015. It currently supplies private individuals and professionals, both in Wallonia and in Flanders.

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Comfort Energy, heating oil, electricity and gas distributor

Comfort Energy is a company mainly known for its activities in the distribution of fuel oil destined for private individuals and professionals. Active for several decades in this sector, it has over 13 subsidiaries spread over the different Belgian provinces and 45 local partners. This increased presence on the ground allows it to offer a local service to 250,000 customers and at the same time, to optimize its logistics and energy costs.

To establish its reputation, Comfort Energy has decided to diversify by also offering electricity and gas. Thus becoming a global energy supplier, the company ensures the loyalty of consumers who wish to combine their different contracts with a single actor.

It continues to attract others. To do so, it builds on a positive image by presenting itself on its website as “the friendliest energy supplier”. Behind this flattering formula are three promises: to provide personalized service, to be accessible, and to offer clear and transparent rates.

Customers satisfied with the energy services provided

While some suppliers are up to their eyes in complaints, everything seems to be going fine for Comfort Energy. Indeed, the Energy Ombudsman Service said in its 2016 annual report it had only received 10 against it. This figure, however, may be partly due to the company’s low market share. It is indeed logical that a supplier of electricity and/or gas serving few customers will face less litigation than a major player such as Engie Electrabel and Luminus. 

It should nevertheless be noted that for queries or misunderstandings, Comfort Energy staff, known to be reactive, can be contacted in several ways:

  • by phone;
  • by e-mail;
  • by visiting your nearest branch. 

Moreover, while many complaints made to the Ombudsman in 2016 concerned the transparency and clarity of prices, Comfort Energy says it offers “simple deals and rates”

A variety of solutions but at what price?

In addition to electricity, Comfort Energy distributes four types of fuels: fuel oil, petrol, diesel and natural gas. The company has therefore split its deals into several categories.

1. Fuel oil

People who need fuel oil for heating and/or hot water are likely to find satisfaction with Comfort Energy through the four products available to them.

Named “Mazout Extra Energy”, “Mazout Energy+”, “Mazout Extra” and “Mazout Standard”, they differ particularly in their quality and thus energy efficiency and frost resistance. Regarding prices, they fluctuate depending on the evolution of the official price of heating oil. So you need to regularly check it out to get the best deal even if it is generally accepted that buying this type of fuel during the summer is more attractive. To make your life easier, you can also participate in a joint purchase of fuel oil which will guarantee an inexpensive fuel oil price and mean you won’t have to compare the rates of several distributors yourself.

For your information, Comfort Energy does not take orders of less than 500 litres and requires cash payment (Bancontact or cash) for a first or second delivery. Only then will you be eligible to pay monthly instalments.

2. Diesel and petrol

Consumers have the choice between four types of fuel: Esso Diesel 10 S, Diesel Energy+, Esso essence Superplus 98 and Esso essence Euro 95. While the first type of diesel ensures a very low sulphur content, the second, which is more expensive, offers a cleansing effect, lower consumption and it protects your engine.

Want to know if Comfort Energy prices are attractive? Just compare them to the official prices of petrol and diesel set by the government.

3. Electricity (+ fuel oil)

For electricity, Comfort Energy sells two types of deals: either electricity alone or electricity + fuel oil.

Customers interested only in electricity can subscribe to Électricité PLUS or Électricité GO Prepaid. The advantage of PLUS is that it offers a fixed or variable price per kilowatt hour (kWh), and is a flexible formula. In practice, payment can be made by direct debit or bank transfer, bills are sent by e-mail or regular mail and finally, customer service is available by phone or online. Conversely, GO Prepaid involves a variable rate, 100% web-based communication and e-invoices. But it has the merit of being less expensive and thus enables consumers to reduce their energy bills.

Another solution to reduce your expenses: buy heating oil and conclude an electricity contract. Comfort Energy grants its customers benefits when they opt for several types of energy. In this case, they will receive a 20 euro discount when ordering 2,000 litres of fuel oil and 25 euros on the check-up of the tank. So they will benefit from the Mazout Energy+ product and can choose between PLUS and GO Prepaid for electricity.

4. Natural gas (+ electricity)

Regarding gas, Comfort Energy has two products: Gaz PLUS and Gaz GO Prepaid. Their conditions are identical to their electricity equivalent, except for the duration of the power contract and the possible rate plan. Here, the deal is valid for three years and the price per kWh is variable.

In addition, grouping together electricity and gas leads to a reduction of 25 euros on gas. 

Additional services? All related to fuel oil!

For customers who use heating oil, Comfort Energy reserves different advantages and benefits:

  • Check-up of their oil tank;
  • The installation of their new tank;
  • Automatic delivery service that guarantees you will never run out of oil;
  • Payment by instalments:
  • The “Comfort Card” payment facility provides a pool of money used to pay your oil bills and is then paid back each month.

Furthermore, for those changing over from fuel oil to gas or electricity, the company undertakes the neutralization of the tank, that is to say, its decommissioning.

Comfort Energy may interest you if:

  • You want a supplier that can offer both heating oil and electricity;
  • You want to make your life easier by opting for a product (GO) that requires direct debit payment while respecting the planet through online billing.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 011/94.13.99.

For queries concerning moving house: 011/94.13.99.

Contact Comfort Energy

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer services: 02/377.19.43 (Anderlecht) or 04/369.12.14 (Liège)
  • E-mail: or or
  • Regular mail for Liège Province: Rue du Vicinal 30, 4170 Comblain-au-Pont
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