Ecopower is a cooperative, active in Belgium in the renewable energy market. In addition to its commitment to sustainable development, it operates electric supply activities reserved for its members.

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Ecopower, the largest Belgian energy cooperative 

Ecopower is a cooperative limited liability company (SCRL in French, cbva in Flemish) founded in 1991 in Belgium, in Berchem to be precise. Its goal? To raise funds to boost green energy production. To do so, it invested heavily in renewable and sustainable energies and continues to expand its wind energy park. In parallel, to a lesser extent, it uses photovoltaic facilities and small hydraulic turbines and biomass power plants. Through its desire to continue its financial endeavours, Ecopower is able to cover the electricity consumption of more and more citizens.

However, despite the fact that the company encourages all consumers to participate in the energy transition, for example by reducing their consumption, it is only active in Flanders. As a consequence, only the inhabitants of the north of the country can make it their green electricity supplier, on the condition that they become a shareholder of the company by acquiring a €250 stake. Ecopower gathers more than 50,000 people and it is possible to buy up to 20 stakes.

In return for this investment, the cooperative is committed to sharing the revenue generated by its activities among its members. Each of them also has the right to cast their vote at the AGM. These benefits are due to the specific way that this type of organization works.

This desire for unity can even be seen in the supplier’s interactions. Thus it asserts that collaborating is in its DNA and, in addition to having established links with grassroots organizations, it works with other renewable energy cooperatives. Why? Because, aaccording to the company, “together, we are stronger to shape a different economy”.

Customer service reserved for its members 

Ecopower supplies electricity only to its cooperative members. As a reminder, to acquire this status and become a co-owner of the production facilities, you must purchase one or more stakes. 

Once a customer, it is only possible to contact the company in the following ways: by phone, by e-mail or via a contact form. Moreover, some answers to FAQs are available on its website, as is a personal space called “Mijn Ecopower”. It is practical and allows, for example, informing as to a change to your energy contract due to moving house.

Do you wish to be kept posted as to Ecopower’s activities? In that case, you can subscribe to the newsletter of the cooperative that will provide you with information and transparency.

A green electricity deal at different prices according to the DSO

Ecopower markets just one electricity deal: It offers fixed rates, i.e., that are identical throughout theduration of your energy supply contract.

Since 1 January 2017, it has been associated with per kilowatt hour (kWh) prices specific to each network area. The company considers that distribution costs are higher in some areas than in others in order to evenly distribute its prices without making a loss. 

Of course, it is always100% renewable electricity produced directly from the Ecopower facilities. A hallowed asset from the ecological point of view that has allowed the cooperative to achieve a score of 20/20 in the Greenpeace ranking.

Don’t you know who your DNO is? To find out, simply enter your postal code in our search tool or just check your electricity bill.

Regarding bills, it is possible to settle them by bank transfer or direct debit and receive them by regular post or e-mail.

In addition, the sale of wood pellets

In addition to producing and supplying renewable electricity, Ecopower sells pellets in bags or in bulk as well as briquettes. They can be ordered online and are produced sustainably at the cooperative’s own factory. The advantages? They guarantee high efficiency and are less polluting than fossil fuels and firewood.

However, to take advantage of attractive prices, we recommend that you participate in ajoint purchase of pellets. At the same time, our consultants will help you determine which energy is the most beneficial for your heating as well as choose the best heating device.

Ecopower might interest you if :

  • You wish to invest in the production of green electricity and to get involved in various sustainable projects;
  • You are sensitive to the values of responsibility, solidarity and transparency upheld by the cooperative;
  • You live in Flanders, since Ecopower does not offer its supply services in Wallonia or Brussels.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 03/386.08.68.

For queries concerning moving house: 03/386.08.68.

Contact Ecopower

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer services : 03 287 37 79, open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, except Monday between 11 am and 1 pm.
  • E-mail :
  • Regular mail: Ecopower cvba, Posthoflei 3 bus 3, 2600 Berchem
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