Elegant is a supplier of green electricity and natural gas only present in Flanders. This company, which emerged in 2012, stands out from its competitors by only offering variable energy prices.

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A Flemish supplier that promotes the local economy...

Elegant is a company founded by Maarten De Cuyper and Stijn Lenaerts, two engineers who had already launched GreenFever, an energy project developer. 

Stressing its Flemish origins, Elegant provides electricity and natural gas only in the north of the country, both to private individuals and to businesses. The firm took this decision due to its determination to prove that becoming a major player in the Belgian energy market is possible despite modest means and a limited area of activities.

Furthermore, the company hopes to put an end to the domination of multinationals. It accuses them of preventing the competition from operating effectively and believes that “Flanders needs a local energy company”. To justify its point, it reminds prospective customers that many suppliers are foreign or are held by foreign shareholders. This is the case of Engie Electrabel, EDF Luminus, Lampiris and Poweo, for example. Elegant, however, is not the only Belgian supplier since Belpower, Comfort Energy, and Octa+ and Energie 2030 are too.

...and is committed to honesty

To seduce Flemish consumers, Elegant focuses on sobriety and transparency. The name of the company is not accidental. According to its two creators, the word “elegance” evokes “the beauty of simplicity”. Concretely, the company aims to demonstrate that the supply of energy is not nearly as complex as the traditional gas and electricity suppliers suggest. This is why it strives to clarify its own missions.

It asserts that it concentrates on what is essential: production, purchase and provisioning. In detail, it produces renewable electricity from solar energy but in very small quantities. It is therefore limited to providing much of its electricity from various producers. But it does not work with just anyone. Indeed, as proof of its desire to invest in its local roots, it ensures that they are Flemish.

Good news for environmentally aware consumers: the energy produced is green and, according to Greenpeace, sourced from wind or biomass plants. The NGO, however, regrets the Elegant does not invest in renewable energy, limiting its expenditure to the purchase and supply of energy.

Its goal: to maintain a close relationship with its customers

To stand out from its competitors, Elegant has decided to make customer service its special asset. To do so, it provides personalized and impeccable customer care. So, each customer is always required to deal with the same employee. This is a way to ensure that the customer’s interlocutor is familiar with their file and is directly in contact with the supplier and not a large call centre or a synthesized voice.

In addition to its proximity, the Elegant customer service is easily accessible. For queries or misunderstandings, it is possible to reach it by phone, Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail via an online contact form. Of course, you can also send a letter to the company. Finally, for Internet enthusiasts, there is “Mijn Elegant,” a 100% web-based customer area. Its purpose: to allow consumers to view their energy bills, modify their personal data and adjust the amount of their electricity and/or gas instalments.

Having an internet connection is also recommended because by default, Elegant sends all bills and other documents by e-mail. Communication by letter remains possible at an additional cost. As for payment methods, direct debit and bank transfer are both available.

“Low rates” following the evolution of wholesale prices

Elegant markets only two energy deals:

  1. one for electricity, called “Lokale groene stroom BX”, which offers a single price per kilowatt hour (kWh), whatever the type of electricity meter;
  2. one for natural gas, called “Aardgas BX”.

Their common point: to offer a variable price which, let us recall, is indexed every three months.

Elegant justifies this choice by pointing out that this type of rate is cheaper than a fixed rate because opting for security costs more. Energy suppliers indeed ensure that they do not lose out. However, a variable price exposes customers to the risk of a price increase in the international fuel markets.

To find the best current electricity and natural gas deals, the most sensible and the easiest thing to do is compare the prices of the different energy suppliers. It is worth noting on this occasion that Elegant decided not to grant promotions to new customers in the first year of the contract.

Elegant might interest you if:

  • You live in Flanders;
  • You are willing to change energy supplier to benefit from more personal customer services;
  • You prefer to support a modest electricity and gas supplier rather than a major energy group.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 02/319.59.71.

For queries concerning moving house: 02/319.59.71.

Contact Elegant

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer services: 015/48.11.30, open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm.
  • E-mail : form available on the Elegant website
  • Regular mail: Officiële briefwisseling kan naar Elegant, Bautersemstraat 68A 2800 Mechelen
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  • Biogas33,00
  • Biomass18,00
  • Solar1,00
  • Water energy0,00