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Energy 2030 is a Belgian supplier and producer of electricity based in Eupen. It serves the country’s three regions with renewable energy and can boast to have received the top score in the latest Greenpeace ranking, 20/20.

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A supplier that started as a green energy citizen co-op

In 1995, the Energie 2030 cooperative was founded by a group of environmentally aware citizens. In the 1980s, they had already worked to protect nature and, interested in the subject of energy, they had represented Belgium in a European INTERREG project called “Energy 2030 Agentur”. A strategic name since 2030 was the deadline of the different goals set: to halve energy consumption and achieve an energy mix made up more than 50% of renewable sources.

At the end of the INTERREG project, the group continued to invest in the field of green energy and to promote environmentally friendly energy production. Hence in 1997, the Energie 2030 cooperative installed its first wind farm in Saint-Vith, located in the province of Liège.

In 2001, 36 members of the cooperative set up the company Energie 2030 Agence. Its goal: to encourage the use of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. To do so, it participated in several projects related to energy as an investor or operator. But in 2008, several cooperative members expressed their desire to benefit directly from their electricity. The company also became a supplier of energy in Wallonia. 

Today, Energie 2030 Agency offers supply services throughout Belgium, both to private individuals and professionals, and produces almost all of the electricity distributed to its customers. Besides, to attract new ones, it spreads a unifying message: “Together we can make energy sustainable, civic and responsible”.

Its niche: wind, hydroelectric and solar energy

It is no coincidence that Greenpeace recommends Energie 2030 in its ranking of energy suppliers. Indeed, the company produces electricity only from renewable sources. Wind power accounts for the largest part of its energy mix followed, to a lesser extent, by solar and hydroelectric power.

As for investments by Energie 2030, they are also ‘green’. The supplier only builds new wind turbines which are therefore added to existing ones as well as the photovoltaic panels already installed.

To become a customer, you have to be a member of the cooperative

Previously, all customers of Energie 2030 could decide to buy shares in the cooperative, allowing them to benefit from reductions on the supply contract. But since 1 February 2017, it is compulsory to be a member of the partner cooperative “Clean Power Europe” to become an effective customer with Energie 2030.

For your information, Clean Power Europe membership requires purchasing the equivalent of a maximum of five shares, whose unit value is €1,000.

According to the supplier, this procedure allows customers to not “simply consume sustainable electricitybut also to invest in its production”. They are thus “part of a citizen contribution towards a clean and sustainable energy transition”.

Note: if a customer has twoelectric metersin the same house, they are not required to double their shares in the cooperative. Conversely, if the meters are located at separate addresses, and even if the devices are in the same name, it is mandatory to have two shares.

Minimalistic customer service but consumers can choose how they are billed 

Compared to other electricity suppliers in Belgium, such as Engie Electrabel, Energie 2030 provides few means of contact. In fact, the company only provides its customers with a hotline and an e-mail address. No chats or online personal space.

For payments and billing, Energie 2030 lets you choose between bank transfer or direct debit. Bills can be received by regular mail or e-mail, although the supplier encourages the latter for ecological reasons.

A single electricity deal called “Clean Power Europe”

Among the values upheld by Energie 2030 are the ethics of its economic model. Indeed, the company seeks to support renewable energy producers by guaranteeing them proper compensation. It also undertakes to implement fair pricing for consumers.

The Energie 2030 deal, available in Flanders, Wallonia and in Brussels, at least has the merit of being simple since it consists of only one product: Clean Power Europe three years, one year or two years. This contract is associated with a fixed price and it is, of course, 100% green electricity produced in Belgium. Note that the annual fee costs €0 as the Clean Power Europe SCE-European cooperative supports this in full for its members.

Until December 2016, the 100% verte + Régionale deal existed. It is no longer marketed but offered an electricity contract duration of one, two or three years. Besides, the annual fee has been greatly reduced after the first share in the cooperative.

Please note: Energie 2030 does not distribute natural gas. If you also require gas, no problem: you can have one supplier for electricity and another for gas. To see which suits your needs, feel free to use our energy price comparison tool.

Energie 2030 may interest you if:

  • You want a frozen electricity price;
  • You want to support a supplier that invests in renewable energy;
  • You wish to participate in the development of the cooperative.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 087/84.05.25.

For queries concerning moving house: 087/84.05.25.

Contact Energie 2030

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer services: 090/30.20.30, open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12 pm; Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm and Tuesday from 4 pm to 6 pm.
  • E-mail: sales@energie2030.be
  • Regular mail: Energie 2030 Agence SA, Breite Wege 1, B-4830 Raeren
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  • Water energy7,00
  • Solar5,00