ENI is an Italian company active in the oil and petrochemical industry and is also supplier of electricity and gas. It is present in 73 countries, including Belgium, where it offers its services in Wallonia and in Flanders.

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Eni, a major Italian oil group...

Eni is a company founded in 1953 by Enrico Mattei, the famous Italian industrialist in the field of oil.  Commissioned in 1944 to liquidate the company Agip, whose role since 1926 had been to supply fuel to Italy, he realized that it held numerous treasures. Among them, methane deposits located near Milan.

The businessman decided to revive the company’s operations but had to reckon with many political manoeuvres. Hence the business was only terminated nine years later by the Italian government. Agip then merged with other oil and gas companies to create a new state-owned entity: l’Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (Eni). Its niche? The prospection and exploitation of hydrocarbons worldwide.

In 1998, Italy needed to replenish the public coffers and partially privatized Eni. Three years later, the company went into the electricity market. Until then, it was only present on the entire supply chain of petroleum products. With several gas plants, now it also produces electricity and supplies private individuals and businesses.

...in a prime position on the Belgian market

In Belgium, the Italian supplier appeared on the energy market in 2012 under the name “Eni gas & power nv/sa”. This was the result of the merger of two Belgian companies belonging to the Eni group: Distrigas, the gas distributor, and Nuon, the energy supplier. Today, the company serves Wallonia and Flanders with electricity and natural gas and is one of themain energy actors. In the first quarter of 2017, it was the third supplier of gas and electricity in the north of the country and was among the top 5 in the south.

In July 2017, Eneco became the owner of Eni Belgium. The supplier of Dutch origin explained this acquisition by its desire to “supply even more sustainable energy” and to “invest more in local solar and wind energy”.

Comprehensive customer service and user-friendly contract management

The advantage of Eni over some of its competitors? The company can be contacted via multiple channels. The customer service can be reached directly by phone (except for Start customers), via an online contact form, chat (instant messaging) and by e-mail. In addition, all information can be obtained at an Eni distribution point. You can even make an appointment for a rep to come to your house.

Regarding payments, for all its deals Eni gives you a choice between direct debit or bank transfer. For the sending of bills, only the Start online energy deal requires receipt by e-mail.

Contracts can be managed easily via the My Eni platform. In fact it allows you to change instalments as well as transfer your energy contract in the event of moving house.

Eni Start, Plus and Go: three fixed-price energy deals 

Eni has a single rate card.

The Start, Go and Plus deals allow customers to protect themselves against any increase in tariff during thelength of their electricity and/or gas contract. A variable contract, called Go Flex, is also available. In this case, the kilowatt hour (kWh) price will be indexed every three months. Upon receipt of their settlement or regularization bill, the customer will find out if their instalments were enough to cover the possible tariff increases. 

The Plus deal has a feature that sets the supplier apart from the competition: if you have a standard meter, Eni will apply the night rate on a percentage of your consumption (generally 16%). Likewise, if you have a dual meter, a part of your daytime consumption will be assigned the night rate (usually 25%).

In detail, the various contracts provided by Eni offer the following conditions:

  • Go Fix électricité and Go Fix gaz: the prices of this fixed-rate deal are guaranteed for at least one year. Then, Eni may review it upwards or downwards.
  • Go Flex électricité and Go Flex gaz: variable rate contract whose duration is indeterminate.
  • Plus électricité and Plus gaz: the prices of this fixed-rate deal are guaranteed for at least three years. Then, Eni may review it upwards or downwards.
  • Start électricité and Start gaz: fixed-rate one-year contract. It’s Eni’s 100% online deal. Targeting the connected audience, it means all transactions are done online and bills are received by e-mail. These features make it Eni’s cheapest product.

In addition, this supplier regularly offers significant promotions, calculated as a percentage on the unit price (expressed in kWh) of your energy. You can find them by using our energy price comparison tool. However, please read the terms and conditions attached to these promotions or contact us on 0800 37 456 for further information.

Services related to the home for increased convenience

Eni has launched a Home Services product, free for all customers (except Start). Specially designed to cover small everyday contingencies, it offers 24/24 assistance.

If, for example, you have a heating problem, a water leak, you’ve lost your keys or even blocked your lock, Eni undertakes to quickly send a technician to come to your aid. The supplier also provides a series of experts to answer all your questions related to your home. You can activate the service simply by phone or on the My Eni platform.

Moreover, Eni offers two additional services: the Anna smart thermostat and boiler maintenance. For a monthly fee, you will enjoy all of their benefits. For example, Anna promises to save up to 15% of energy, while checking your boiler ensures greater safety and optimal functioning.

Eni might interest you if:

  • You have a frozen electricity or gas tariff;
  • You want a supplier that offers related products.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 02/319.59.50

For queries concerning moving house: 02/319.59.50

Contact Eni gas & power

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer service: 078/15.29.29, open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • E-mail: info@be.eni.com
  • Regular mail: Medialaan 34 Boîte postale 5400, 1800 Bruxelles
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