Essent is the Belgian division of the company Essent Nederlands, market leader for energy in the Netherlands. Active in Flanders and Wallonia, the company is the 5th biggest supplier of electricity and gas in Belgium.

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Description, Belgian subsidiary of a large German energy group

The company Essent was created from the merger of Dutch suppliers PNEM/MEGA and EDON in 1999. Following the liberalization of the energy market at the beginning of the new millennium, it offered its services in Flanders and in Wallonia. is the Belgian division of the company Essent Nederlands. Both are part of the German company Innogy, following the split of the large energy group RWE. The second largest electricity producer in Germany, it bought Essent for 9.3 billion euros in 2009. As for Essent Nederlands, it is one of the largest Dutch energy companies distributing electricity, natural gas and other energy products. Supplying 2.5 million customers, families and businesses, the company plays a leading role in energy transition in the Netherlands. 

In Belgium, only supplies. However, thanks to its partnership with RWE and Essent Nederlands, the company benefits from the electricity produced by the parent company.

Personalized customer service and lots of promotions provides its customers with a phone line and e-mail correspondence. They can also manage their contract easily via the Mon online platform, previously Myessent. Indeed, it allows customers to amend personal details, adapt monthly instalments as well as make the necessary energy arrangements when moving house. This is also the only means of communication available to customers that have subscribed to the Avance or Essent online deals. contracts are often associated with interesting welcome promotions that can bring down the price of your bill at the end of the year. These reductions, reserved for new customers, are limited in time. Therefore, it is important to compare your electricity and/or gas contract with those of other suppliers at the end of the year to be sure always to benefit from the most attractive electricity and/or gas deal.

“Online” deals, at a fixed or variable price, it’s up to you! has a wide variety of deals. Does such diversity make it the cheapest electricity supplier? The same for gas? The answer to this can be found by making a comparison of energy products, but beforehand, find out more about Essent’s deals.

Electricité Fixe Vert and Gaz Naturel Fixe

Electricité Fixe Vert and Gaz Naturel Fixe offer a one- or three-year contract duration and fixed kilowatt hour (kWh) prices. This is’s basic deal for people who want to prevent any energy price increases from affecting their bill.

Electricité Variable Vert and Gaz Natural Variable

Electricité Variable Vert green electricity is a one-year contract while Gas Naturel Variable can be extended up to three years. Both are associated with a variable rate. They offer the same advantages as the fixed deal except that prices are adjusted every three months to follow the (upward and downward) trends in the energy market more closely. électricité and gaz électricité and gaz, formerly Fixe Vert C@re and Fixe C@re Gaz, are price-indexed contracts. They are’s 100% web-based deal. Targeting the connected public, contract management is done online via the Mon platform. Similarly, bills are received by e-mail and payments are made by bank transfer or direct debit.

Electricité Variable Vert Avance and Gaz Naturel Variable Avance

Electricité Variable Vert Avance and Gaz Naturel Variable Avance offer a variable rate for one year. These two products are unique in the Belgian energy landscape. In fact, to qualify, customers must pay their entire bill in advance on the basis of the annual consumption of the previous year.

If a record of consumption is not available, the payment amount is calculated on a flat-rate basis. At the end of the year, the difference between what the customer has actually consumed and the initial down payment will be charged or refunded. The advantage of this deal lies in the total elimination of the annual fee. Here too, the contract is managed online.

The Smart Home service and deals has launched a “Smart home” service called flix. Its aim? To provide consumers with a smart solution that improves their comfort at home. In practice, there is no longer the need to remember to turn off the oven, the lights or to check if the door is closed. The installation takes care of this and provides you with all the necessary information via a mobile application.

Available when subscribing to a three-year electricity and/or natural gas contract, flix comes in three packs. While the first contains two smart light bulbs and a power outlet, the other two go even further, offering a smart thermostat or different sensors.

Regarding customer benefits, grants several reductions on energy-efficient products such as a solar charger for a smartphone or tablet. But that’s not all because the electricity and gas supplier also reserves other exclusive promotions for its customers including subscription to a magazine. might interest you if:

  • You like to have the choice of a wide variety of deals;
  • You are not yet a customer of and can enjoy significant promotions;
  • You don’t mind paying your bill in one go.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 03/386.08.00.

For queries concerning moving house: 03/386.08.00.


Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer services: 078/15.79.79, open Monday to Friday from 8 am until 7 pm.
  • E-mail
  • Regular mail: Veldkant 7, 2550 Kontich (Belgium)
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  • Water energy24,00
  • Fossil fuel14,00
  • Nuclear6,00