Essent is the Belgian division of Essent Nederlands, the energy market leader in the Netherlands. Operating in Flanders and Wallonia, the company is the fifth largest supplier of gas and electricity in Belgium.

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Essent was created from the merger of Dutch suppliers PNEM/MEGA and EDON in 1999. At that time, it operated only in the Netherlands. In the early 2000s, following the liberalisation of the energy market, it was able to extend its services into Flanders and Wallonia.

Since then, has been the Belgian subsidiary of Essent Nederlands. Both entities are part of the German company Innogy, which was created as a result of a spin-off from the energy group RWE. As the second largest electricity producer in Germany, RWE had bought Essent for 9.3 billion euro in 2009. 

In the Netherlands, Essent Nederlands supplies electricity and gas to no fewer than 2.5 million customers (families and businesses). As a result, the company plays a leading role in energy transition in the Netherlands. 

In Belgium, Essent.beonly operates as a supplier. However, thanks to its relationship with RWE and Essent Nederlands, the company benefits from the electricity produced by the parent company. It is now one of the leading energy suppliers in the country, neck and neck with Eneco and close behind ENGIE and Luminus.

Personalized customer service and plenty of special offers offers its customers a telephone service, and it can also be contacted by email or via social media. Customers can also manage their contracts easily via the Mon online platform (previously known as MyEssent). Customers can use this platform to amend their personal details, alter their monthly instalments and make the necessary arrangements when moving house. This is also the only means of communication available to customers who have taken out an Avance or Essent-Online deal.

In terms of billing and payment preferences, offers the traditional options: by post or email and by direct debit or bank transfer.

Lastly, contracts often come with substantial introductory offers, which can reduce the amount of your bill at the end of the year. However, these reductions, which are reserved for new customers, are time-limited (usually one year). You are therefore strongly advised to compare your electricity or gas contract with those of other suppliers at the end of the year to ensure that you always have the best electricity and/or gas deal.

From now on, supplier Essent belongs to energy giant Luminus. It will therefore no longer supply energy on Belgian territory.

"Online" deals at a fixed or variable price – the choice is yours! has a range of offers covering all types of needs. Does this mean that Essent is the cheapest gas or electricity supplier? The only way to find out is by making a comparison of the different products on the market based on your energy consumption. But first, why not find out more about Essent’s deals.

✓ Fixed Green Electricity and Fixed Natural Gas

The two products in the Fixed range (Fixed Green Electricity and Fixed Natural Gas) offer a fixed-price contract, as their name suggests. This is valid for a periodof one or three years, which means that your rate is guaranteed to stay the same during this period. 

This is’s basic deal. It is aimed mainly at people who want to avoid any risk of their bill increasing due to a rise in energy prices. It also offers all types of billing (by post or email) and communication (telephone or online). It is up to the customer to choose whatever suits them best.

✓ Variable Green Electricity and Variable Natural Gas

Variable Green Electricity is a one-year contract, whereas Variable Natural Gas can be extended up to three years. Both are associated with a variable rate

These contracts offer the same customer service features as the Fixed range except in terms of the prices, which are adjusted every three months so that they follow the (upward and downward) trends in the energy market as closely as possible.

✓ Essent-Online electricity and gas

Essent-Online electricity and Essent-Online gas, are price-indexed contracts. They are’s 100% online offers

Aimed at connected consumers, these contracts are managed exclusively online via the Mon platform. Similarly, bills are received by email and payments are made by bank transfer or direct debit.

This simplified management process means that the prices of these products are particularly attractive. In return, the customer support is more limited; you cannot, for example, rely on telephone support.

✓ Variable Green Electricity Avance and Variable Natural Gas Avance

Variable Green Electricity Avance and Variable Natural Gas Avance offer a one-year variable rate

These two products are unique in the Belgian energy landscape. To qualify, customers must pay their entire bill in advance based on their annual consumption during the previous year. If Essent has the consumption data provided by the Network operator, the amount of this advance payment is determined based on two factors:

  • the customer’s annual consumption, and
  • the most recent Avance prices available.

If this data has not be provided, the advance payment amount will be determined on a flat-rate basis (800 euro incl. VAT per EAN code for an electricity connection and 900 euro incl. VAT per EAN code for a natural gas connection).

These amounts are based on a consumption level, firstly, of 4,150 kWh for electricity and, secondly, of 19,300 kWh for natural gas, and on the Avance prices indexed in the first quarter of 2014.

This advance payment must be paid within 14 calendar days of receiving the payment request. If the consumption history is not available, the advance payment amount is calculated on a flat-rate basis.

At the end of the year, the difference between what the customer has actually consumed and the initial advance payment amount will be charged or refunded. The benefit of this deal is that the annual fee is totally eliminated. In this option, too, the contract is managed online.

✓ The smart thermostat and the deals has launched a Smart home service using its “tado°” smart thermostat, which can be controlled via a smartphone application. Its aim is to help customers easily reduce their heating bills and improve their comfort at home. The tado° solution is available for 1 euro when you take out a three-year fixed electricity or natural gas contract. Installation is free.

Another feature of is that it offers its customers a discounted rate on fixed-price electricity. So, after three years of contracts, you can look forward to a 15% reduction compared to your initial rates.

Lastly, also offers some material benefits, such as reductions on buying a solar charger for a smartphone or tablet.


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