JOIN is a creative company that provides comprehensive services to its customers in the fields of energy and telecoms. Whether electricity, natural gas, mobile phone or Internet, it offers many different contracts. And in addition, it ensures that they are available at competitive prices.

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A telecom operator that also supplies energy

This was a first in Belgium. In October 2016, JOIN, a Belgium-Luxembourg telecom operator, expanded its deals to the supply of electricity and gas in Wallonia.

“JOIN no longer wants to be restricted to being a telecommunications company. Our company is changing to become a provider of integrated technology solutions by developing comprehensive solutions for our customers. We offer them, everywhere and at any time, the best in the interconnected world, the best infrastructure and the best experiences”. Pascal Koster - administration manager at JOIN Experience.

JOIN considers this diversification “natural” because the business of operator, he says, is destined to evolve. This conviction that makes sense in regard of one of the five values that shape the development of the company: innovation. The other four? They are all equally evocative of JOIN’s principles: simplicity, transparency, eco-responsibility and above all, customer orientation. Indeed, the company wants to make life easier for consumers by allowing them to combine their day-to-day bills.

Collaboration with Enovos, a major Luxembourg supplier

To gain prime position in the sector, JOIN appeals to a well-known actor in Luxembourg: Enovos. The main supplier of energy in the Grand Duchy, it has more than 1,500 employees and over 300,000 supply points. Also present in Belgium and France, JOIN was attracted by its solidity and reliability. These qualities have in all likelihood been perceived by the operator since they began their collaboration.

Today, thanks to this partnership, JOIN is able to market several energy products in the Walloon Region and Enovos can continue its local development in Belgium.

Classic energy deals or linked to a GSM package

There are few JOIN deals, so they are easy to distinguish. Only two classic offers are available

  1. A one-year fixed-price electricity deal, called Power@home ultra;
  2. An electricity + gas deal with a fixed price for electricity and a variable price for gas, called Power+gas@home ultra.

Not surprisingly, they are presented as being highly advantageous, as well as being accompanied by lots of promotions. But comparing electricity and gas prices is essential to reduce your energy bill because reductions are granted only under certain conditions.

For example, €7.50 per type of energy will be deducted from the annual invoice if, and only if, payment is by direct debit. This same amount may also be granted if the invoice is sent electronically and not by regular post. In addition, the €15 discount for new customers applies when the consumer has honoured the 12 months of contract.

In parallel with these two deals, JOIN has launched a new product called ‘Ultra HD’. What’s it all about? To put a mobile phone subscription and an energy supply contract under the umbrella of one single contract to ease consumers’ administrative procedures. If the idea seems attractive, you should still check that the GSM deal included in the pack suits your personal needs.

On an indicative basis, this can be found on the JOIN website under the name of “Flat 4G L Free” and offers an unlimited volume of data (5 GB turbo speed) as well as 300 minutes for calling and SMS. For music lovers, for an extra €2.99 per month the company offers the benefits of its “Likwid Music” application.

A considerable advantage, with the “Ultra HD” deal, JOIN promises a discount of up to €244 on the annual bill. But on two conditions: paying by direct debit and receiving bills by e-mail. In detail, the customer would pay €66 less on the “Power@home” subscription, €104 on “Gas@home”, and €74 on the “Flat 4G L Free” pack.

In support of the environment

For its GSM and mobile Internet packs, JOIN has decided to play the renewable card by supporting associations related to sustainable projects. The company has concluded a cooperation agreement with the organization “Grain de vie” (seed of life) to reduce “the ecological footprint of its activities and its customers’ communications”.

To achieve this, it was decided that with each new contract, trees will be planted in Madagascar. This is a commendable initiative when we consider that the island is the victim of major deforestation which directly influences the environment as well as the standard of living of its inhabitants.

Other innovative services that take advantage of technology

“JOIN has a goal: to revolutionize the use of telecommunications in Europe. For private individuals and businesses”. The tone has been set! On its website, the company does not hide its intentions: it aims to become essential by carrying out its activities in several sectors.

First, telecoms

Originally a telecom operator, JOIN sells mobile subscriptions, landline deals as well as Internet solutions that exploit the power of 4G.

Regarding mobile deals, there are four and all of them offer unlimited data. They can be distinguished, however, in terms of the number of minutes for calling and SMS, hence the price differences. There is a minimum outlay of €29 and a maximum of €65 per month for a JOIN mobile deal.

The same is applicable to Internet: the company offers four different products. Ideal for customers not eligible for ADSL or VDSL at home, these LTE (Long Term Evolution) deals are available from €24.95 per month.

Then, the web and music

In addition to these telecom products are energy deals and also Cloud offers which give access to an online space dedicated to storing documents and data backup. Mobility, ease and security are the three promises of this service that suits both private individuals and professionals through its four different options.

Finally, JOIN has created Likwid, a music service that allows creating playlists as well as listening to all the latest hits. Price? 0 to €10 per month, although the free version does not include certain benefits. For more reluctant customers, it may be interesting to note that JOIN offers the Unplugged rate for a month’s trial.

What next? A place in the smart home!

Innovation is JOIN’s keyword. As proof, the company wants to ride the trend of connected houses and find new solutions combining energy and telecommunications services.

“In the future, we will diversify our deals to become a genuine service company with the Smart Home and the Smart Office becoming more and more integrated into our products. This new deal is complementary to our core business. This evolution is driving our company forward. To innovate is to move forward. Pascal Koster - administration manager at JOIN Experience.

Such words invite people who are passionate about connectivity to follow the activities of the company closely.

JOIN might interest you if:

  • You suffer from administrative phobia and want a single contact to manage your telecom and energy contracts;
  • You like the idea of joining a dynamic company that is constantly trying to be creative;
  • You attach importance to environmental issues and therefore want to be a customer with a company that supports sustainable projects.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 02/319.59.66.

For queries concerning moving house: 02/319.59.66.

Contact JOIN

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  • Professional customer: 9900. Customer service is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • Regular mail: JOIN Experience S.A.
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