Mega is a Belgian electricity and gas supplier. Starting out in Wallonia and Brussels, Mega is now active throughout Belgium. What does it promise? To offer competitive rates thanks to its “online” set-up.

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Mega, a supplier of electricity and gas from Liège

Mega is a supplier of electricity and gas that operates throughout Belgian territory. Just as for many companies active in the energy market, private individuals as well as professionals can take advantage of its services.

Created in 2013 by two Belgian entrepreneurs, the company is a small set-up based in Liège. It stresses these local roots, denouncing the fact that many consumers are customers of foreign suppliers. In response to this situation, it positions itself as “a Belgian alternative to energy sector multinationals”.

In addition to remind us of its national identity, Mega advocates a variety of values to stand out from its competitors. The provider insists for example on customer satisfaction, respect for the environment, and on the ethics of its economic model.

In practice, it is committed to providing quality service and clear, cheap rate plans. These are therefore likely to entice consumers who are looking to save but are also environmentally aware. Indeed, Mega intends to provide green energy and even better, invest in photovoltaic installations and wind parks.

Online customer services...

Mega is a 2.0 supplier of energy. That is to say, it promotes the use of new technologies. Why? Because this strategy allows it to reduce its operating costs and thus, in principle, to keep prices down. Does that make it the cheapest supplier in the electricity market? And gas too? Not necessarily! Before subscribing to a deal, it is essential to make a comparison of the available energy contracts in Belgium according to your needs.

Be that as it may, this web-oriented positioning encourages consumers to contact the company by e-mail, chat and social networks and to use the MyMega online customer space. However, the Liège company also offers a traditional customer service for those who are not accustomed to Internet. They can therefore reach it by phone or visit its offices after making an appointment. The extra service? You can ask to Mega to call you by completing a form on its website. 

...and billing

Regarding billing, it again appears that Mega is above all an “online” supplier. Electronic invoices are preferred to bills on paper since in addition to costing less and preserving the environment, they allow quicker administrative processing. Therefore, customers still wishing to receive their payment invoices by post will be charged €30 per year per contract. 

Concerning payment method, Mega allows both transfers and direct debit. However, the provider encourages the latter option by offering a reduction of €5 per contract. It should be noted that in Brussels, direct debit is obligatory and does not entitle any financial advantage. 

Fixed or variable energy rates for one or three years

Concerning its products, Mega has a clear policy: No temporary promotions to attract customers but rather “low prices today and for the future”. Do you want to be sure? Use our user-friendly electricity and gas price comparison tool. It will allow you to discover which is the cheapest supplier of gas in Belgium according to your consumption.

Mega markets several energy contracts: Safe, Zen, Free, Super and Cool. What’s what? For electricity, Safe, Super and Zen are all three at a fixed price over a period of one year for the first two and three years for the third. As for Free and Cool, they are based on a variable rate that can prove attractive during periods of lower prices.

For natural gas, Free, Super, Cool, and Zen offer an indexed rate. As this fuel is hardly affected by market fluctuations, the risk associated with the variable rate is minimal. However, for those who prefer a fixed price all the same, simply choose Safe or Ecogaz, exclusively reserved for gas. For your information, Eco has the distinction of being a carbon-offset gas deal. This means that Mega, via a surcharge, undertakes to render your consumption climatically neutral by supporting CO2 reduction projects. This product may inspire you to switch gas supplier if you want to protect the environment.

Note: Super and Cool products, both for electricity and for gas, involve payment by direct debit and a quarterly payment invoice. If you wish to make monthly payments, you will be charged an additional cost of 10 euros on the annual fee. In addition, the Zen deal, which is not marketed in the Brussels Region, can guarantee the price of electricity and/or gas for five years, again in exchange for a surcharge on the fee.

Mega might interest you if:

  • You wish to have a supplier of energy that is dynamic and listens to the customer;
  • You prefer to be a customer of a company that is happy just to be a supplier of electricity and gas (no ancillary services);
  • You want to support a supplier whose ownership is 100% Belgian.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 04/287.61.07.

For queries concerning moving house: 04/287.61.07.

Contact Mega

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer services: 04/268.20.00, open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm.
  • E-mail:
  • Mail: Power Online SA, Rue Natalis 2, 4020 Liège
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