Octa+ is a Belgian company, with no foreign shareholders, that supplies electricity, gas, heating oil and fuel. It serves the whole of Belgium and has deals for both private individuals and professionals.

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Octa+, a heating oil specialist full of energy

Octa+ is a Belgian family business that dates back to 1881. It all started with the creation of the company Becquevort, specializing in the distribution of coal. It was then purchased in 1945 by Gérard Rigo who decided to embark on the delivery of heating oil.

In 1986, the first petrol station was opened under the brand Becquevort. It now has 52 petrol stations and the company decided to change to the name of Octa+ in 1995. Five years later it merged with Avia Brouw, a company operating in the wholesale of petroleum products, to form a single group. Gradually, it gained a reputation and the same year took a prominent place in the market by buying 115 Burmah stations.

In 2010, Octa+ developed its activities and also became a supplier of electricity and natural gas in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. The Belgian company thus sets itself apart from the competition by being the first to deliver electricity, gas, fuel and heating oil.

Since then, it has continued to regularly expand its fuel and heating oil distribution network and to renew its pricing plans for electricity and gas.

Customer service in keeping with the times

Octa+ provides its customers, except those who have subscribed to Octa+ (Be)Online, a telephone line for all queries relating to the supply of electricity and gas. This is a traditional service provided by all energy suppliers, such as Lampiris and Luminus, but the company goes further.

Indeed, it allows consumers preferring direct contact to visit one of its three offices. For those comfortable with the Internet, they are also well catered for since it is also possible to contact Octa+ by e-mail, chat and WhatsApp. Remember, WhatsApp is a mobile instant messaging application (app).

Another service available online: the Octa+ customer space. It allows performing various transactions such as ordering heating oil, requesting a fuel card and subscribing to an electricity and/or gas deal. Note that it can also be used to view your bills and change your personal data.

Payments can be made by direct debit, bank transfer or even by Zoomit. Finally, customers who have opted for the (Be)Relax deal can choose to receive their bills by regular post or by e-mail. Conversely, customers of the (Be)Online deal automatically benefit from electronic invoicing, unless they request the regular mail option.

Two deals, BeRelax and BeOnline, for different needs

Octa+ can take credit for a streamlined rate card for electricity and gas. Indeed, it is composed only of two main products: BeRelax, formerly known as Omnium, and BeOnline, formerly called Budget.

Basically, according to the supplier, BeRelax provides “the comfort of a 5 star service” while BeOnline provides the “essential at the best price”. What do they have in common? They are both associated with green and Belgian electricity although Octa+ does not excel in the Greenpeace ranking of Belgian electricity suppliers.

But, if it does not have a sustainable investment policy, is Octa+ the best electricity supplier in terms of price? To find out, compare the different energy tariffs. Remember to consider the characteristics of each tender to select one that fits your needs.


The BeRelax deal is available at fixed or variable rates for electricity, but also for gas. For each tariff option, the energy contract length is up to the customer: one year or three years.

But the real advantage lies in the benefits granted. Besides being able to receive your bills by e-mail or by regular post, BeRelax customers are entitled to Octa+ Assistance, an additional discount through energy points and a premium granted as of the second year of the contract.

For your information, the fixed BeRelax gas tariff plan is not marketed in Brussels. In addition, in November 2017, Octa+ created the Relax contract. Unlike BeRelax, it offers only a variable price and does not guarantee electricity from Belgian renewable energy sources.


BeOnline electricityorBeOnline gasis Octa+’s 100% web deal. In exchange for attractive per kilowatt hour (kWh) prices variable during one or three years, it restricts the services offered. Here, contract management is conducted online and billing is done by e-mail.

If you have any queries, the customer can contact the company through the various online channels available. Telephone support, like paper invoices, is only available as an option.

Did you know ? Since November 2017, every consumer can choose between BeOnline and Online. The second contract, unlike the first one, does not offer green electricity from Belgium.

Additional services for saving

To retain customers, Octa+ offers various services that allow them especially to reduce their electricity and gas bills. Let’s take a look at its exclusive benefits.

Energy points

As Octa+ is the only supplier of electricity and gas to own petrol stations and deliver heating oil, it rewards its customers who combine several services with energy points.

Thus, the more Octa+ products customers have, the more points they earn. They can then be redeemed for discounts on energy bills or against free fuel at Octa+ petrol stations.

For a household with average electricity and gas consumption, by buying fuel throughout the year at Octa+ petrol stations, the energy points amount to around 30 euros per year.

Moreover, to reduce their energy budget, participating in a group purchase of heating oil or even electricity and/or gas is definitely a good plan. So, do not hesitate to compare the price of Octa+ heating oil with those offered via this kind of initiative.

Octa+ Assistance

Customers subscribed to the (Be)Relax deal for gas and/or electricity receive Octa+ Assistance. This service, managed by Ethias, consists of immediate free assistance and support 24/24 in case of urgent problems with electricity and/or gas installations.

The Octa+ Hybrid fuel card

Octa+ has developed a unique product in Belgium: the Hybridcard. How it works: by allowing consumers to fill up with fuel and recharge their electric or hybrid car battery. In addition to receiving a single bill for all their transactions, they receive points for each energy supply they then exchange for a rebate.

Available to both companies and individuals, this card offers access to a network of 1,850 petrol stations in Belgium and 2,200 in the Benelux area. For electricity, many terminals are also available. It has more than 1,000 in Belgium.

Octa+ might interest you if:

  • You are looking for a supplier of electricity in Belgium with Belgian family shareholders.
  • You wish to freeze the price of energy in the long term;
  • You want a supplier that can provide you with more than just the supply of gas and electricity (many additional services).

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 02/319.59.30.

For queries concerning moving house: 02/319.59.30.

Contact Octa+

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer services: 02/851.02.52.
  • Mail: OCTA+ Liège Ardennes S.A., Rue de l’Île Monsin 23, 4020 Liège
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