Poweo is a Belgian electricity and gas supplier. First active in Wallonia, it is now also present in Brussels and Flanders. A subsidiary of French supplier Direct Energie, it intends to conquer the Belgian market through an aggressive pricing campaign.

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Poweo, a subsidiary of French group Direct Energie

Poweo is a provider for private individuals and professionals. It entered the Belgian energy market in 2014 and pertains to the Direct Energie group. Third player for electricity and gas in France, it had a total of over 2 million customers in February 2017. This success reflects the quality of its customer relations, its technical expertise and its ability to innovate.

Under the Poweo brand, the group also aims to occupy an important place in the Belgian energy landscape. It has planned to reach 400,000 subscribers in 2018 compared to 60,000 in 2016. This is a big challenge but the company has managed to increase its notoriety thanks to sponsoring a cycling team.

In addition, Direct Energie has decided to expand its operations in our country by investing in electricity generation. That’s why it bought the CCGT (combined cycle-gas turbine) in Marcinelle in 2016. This operation, which has allowed it at the same time to double its Belgian workforce, is part of its long-term strategy to become a “permanent independent operator” and always guarantee competitive rates to its customers.

To check if it really is a cheaper energy supplier, we invite you to use our electricity and gas price comparison tool.

A customer service that aspires to be great 

Since the outset, the Direct Energie group has made customer satisfaction a priority. Elected ten times in a row “Customer service of the year” by an independent label in the category of electricity and gas supplier, it stands out from its competitors in terms of innovation. For example, during 2017 it has implemented a voice solution that can convert audio recordings into text files. It can thus exploit the data extracted to better understand customer needs and respond optimally.

Although it is the policy of the parent company, Poweo says it is heading in the same direction by also attaching importance to the quality of customer service. The company can be contacted by phone, e-mail and through the Mypoweo Customer Space.

As a token of excellence, it recalls on its website that it has signed “The consumer in the liberalized market of electricity and gas” agreement, established by the FPS Economy.  Aiming to protect customers against possible abusive practices by suppliers, it has nonetheless been approved by all of them.

With regard to billing and payment, Poweo lets you choose between direct debit and bank transfer and receive invoices by e-mail or by post. The energy supplier, however, encourages direct debit and electronic invoices through additional reductions in order to limit administrative costs and reduce its environmental footprint.

Poweo Fix, a single electricity and gas  tariff

Poweo offers a very simple rate card since it consists of only one product for each type of energy: Poweo Fix Electricity and Poweo Fix GasThis deal guarantees fixed per kilowatt hour (kWh) prices for a year. The same goes for the annual fee but it still amounts to 60 euros in Flanders and Wallonia. A fairly substantial sum if you compare energy deals of other suppliers

To avoid getting too big an energy bill, you must be eligible for new customer rebates.  Alternatively sponsor relatives. With each subscription, both parties receive a discount of 20 euros on their bill.

An electricity or gas outage? Get assistance!

Poweo provides its customers with troubleshooting assistance. Entitled Poweo Help, it comes in three forms: electricity, gas, or electricity + gas. How does it work? For a monthly fee, customers benefit from the services of a technician in the event of a fault in the electrical and/or gas installation.

In detail, electricity assistance costs €2.99/month and can be requested if a problem occurs with electrical sockets, switches or the electrical panel. For the same price, gas assistance is for the boiler and the gas system. Logically, electricity + gas assistance combines the above but is more expensive: €4.99/month.

Poweo might interest you if:

  • You want to freeze the price of electricity and gas to avoid unpleasant surprises;
  • You prefer a single rate card and a supplier that is happy just to be a supplier of electricity and gas (not lots of ancillary services).

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 02/319.57.00.

For queries concerning moving house: 02/319.57.00.

Contact Poweo

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer services: 078/79.04.79, open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.
  • E-mail :
    • Individuals: FR : service.client.part@poweo.be / NL : klantendienst.part@poweo.be
    • Businesses: FR : service.client.pro@poweo.be / NL : klantendienst.pro@poweo.be
  • Mail: Poweo Twin Square Madison - Cullinganlaan 1A, 1831 Diegem


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