TotalEnergies offers its gas and electricity services to business customers. Your company will benefit from a reliable, strong, and genuinely experienced business partner. Their sales teams and technical department are based in Belgium, as close to their business customers as possible. This proximity demonstrates the company’s desire to offer quick, efficient customer service.

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Total Gas & Power becomes TotalEnergies

As of May 28th this year, the French group Total decided to rename the company TotalEnergies. This change marks officially its new visual identity as well as its multi-energies transformation strategy. Its main mission is to produce "affordable, available and clean" energies such as gas and electricity produced by windmills, biomass or solar energy.

An international group supplying energy to businesses

Total is a name that needs no introduction in the energy sector. It should be said that the French group is a global oil and gas giant. Founded in 1924, its activities at the time focused mainly on oil refining and distribution. Today, its expertise extends across a range of fields.

In Belgium, the group formalised the takeover of Lampiris in 2016, which enabled it to expand its energy supply activities in our country. Following this operation, the company, decided to separate its residential services from its business services. The former have remained under the Lampiris brand, while the latter are marketed by TotalEnergies.

This new entity is aimed exclusively at SMEs, large companies and self-employed people. To that end, it has developed a range of offers and services specially designed to meet the various needs of businesses of all sizes.

TotalEnergies is also keeping in line with Lampiris by stating that it supplies its customers with sustainable energy. It also encourages them to invest in photovoltaic installations


Customer service designed for business customers

Beyond a certain consumption threshold, TotalEnergies customers are entitled to a dedicated account manager. This means that you can be certain of always speaking to the same adviser, and that person will be familiar with your account.

In terms of communication, the normal channels are available. The company offers a telephone number (available Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 7.00pm). 

For those who prefer to communicate by email, this is obviously possible via an online form. The company also guarantees a response within 48 hours. 

Next, you also have access to an online customer space (“MYTOTAL”), where you can find your account details and your bills.

In terms of billing, you are always offered electronic bills by default, but some types of contract also allow you to have paper bills. Regarding payment, direct debit is preferred, but large customers can opt for other payment methods if they wish.


Clear products for small businesses and a bespoke offer for large companies

TotalEnergies has two categories of customer:

  • Professionals”, covering SMEs and the self-employed, whose annual consumption is less than 100 MWh for electricity and 150 MWh for gas.
  • Large companies”, whose annual consumption exceeds 100 MWh for electricity and 150 MWh for gas.

For each of these categories, the company offers specific deals and a range of ancillary services. 

✓ "Digital", the range dedicated to small businesses 

By default, TotalEnergies offers two types of gas and/or electricity contracts to its smaller customers: Digital Fixed or Digital Variable.

These contracts are ideal for annual consumption volumes that do not exceed 100 MWh for electricity or 150 MWh for gas.

As their names suggest, one offers a fixed price (in other words, a price that remains stable throughout the contract period) and the other offers a price that is indexed each month. As for the notion of digital, this means that companies must sign up for their contract online, customer support is also available solely online, and billing will be electronic by default. However, you can contact customer service by telephone if you would rather receive a personalised deal.

The minimum duration of a Digital contract has to be one year, but you can cancel it at any time. In addition, Digital deals require monthly payment by direct debit.

Would you like to know whether the Digital contracts from TotalEnergies are the cheapest on the market for your business activity? Simply do a quick comparison to find out!

✓ "Serenity", for the more demanding customers 

If your monthly natural gas and/or electricity expenditure is between 1,000 and 5,000 euro, TotalEnergies can offer you a Serenity contract. 

As with the Digital contracts, Serenity customers can choose between a fixed or a variable rate and select their preferred contract period (between 1 and 4 years). The two contract ranges differ in terms of the services and options available. With Serenity, you have a dedicated team at your service, which means customer service that goes beyond simply online support. It is also possible to request paper billing. Regarding payment, you can choose between monthly or quarterly, depending on your preferred payment methods

✓ "Optimum", for companies with significant consumption volumes

If your company’s energy expenditure exceeds 5,000 euro per month, TotalEnergies can offer you the Optimum contract, in other words a bespoke deal

Given the demands of this type of customer, TotalEnergies will offer fixed or variable rates that are fully customised to the specific needs of each customer. Naturally, you will be entitled to a dedicated account manager, and you will be able to monitor the trends in the energy market. 

Lastly, it goes without saying that you are also free to choose the type of billing and payment methods you prefer.

✓ A range of ancillary services to address specific needs

Alongside the traditional supply of gas and electricity, TotalEnergies has also developed a range of ancillary services. The aim of these services is to help the company’s business customers optimise their energy management in the broad sense.

  • Managing agent service: this service is aimed at building owners. It is designed to simplify energy management for their co-owners.
  • Electric mobility services, to install electric charging points in your office car park, or provide charge cards that are valid in the European Union.
  • Photovoltaic panel installation services.
  • Fuel cards, valid in all Total petrol stations.
  • Engine lubricants and oils.
  • Purchase and delivery of wood pellets, for businesses that have opted for this type of heating.


You may be interested in TotalEnergies if:  

  • You have specific business requirements;
  • You would like to benefit from the expertise of a large, well established group;
  • You want to enjoy a range of useful ancillary services for your business.

For questions about prices or contracts for business customers: 0800 37 456


Contact TotalEnergies


02 486 21 21

Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 7.00 pm.

PostRue Saint Laurent 54
4000 Liège - Belgium

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