Watz is a Belgian energy supplier selling electricity and natural gas in Flanders and Wallonia.

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Watz, a Belgian alternative to the multinationals

Like Elegant, Watz is a small supplier of energy, 100% Belgian of Flemish origin. It has been present in the north of the country since 2012 for electricity and since 2013 for natural gas. It then faced the challenge of being present in Wallonia, which it accomplished in March 2017.

Watz’s activities are confined to selling on energy to private individuals and businesses. In other words, the company does not produce. In buys from the wholesale market where, according to Greenpeace, the energy comes mainly from coal and nuclear power plants. The rest, in order of importance, comes from large hydraulic facilities, gas plants and finally wind energy.

On its website, Watz says it has renewable electricity. To achieve this, the supplier buys guarantees of origin the principle of which is to greenwash “grey” electricity. This hardly allows supporting green production but it should still be noted that the company buys these guarantees of origin only in our country, mainly in Flanders. For your information, it scores 6/20 in the Greenpeace ranking of electricity suppliers in Belgium.

Efficient and dedicated customer service

The communication strategy developed by Watz attaches a particular importance to the company’s Belgian identity and the human element of its customer service. On its website, the gas and electricity supplier states it is “always ready to find solutions” to consumer issues. Neither does it hesitate to highlight its staff by ensuring, for example, that they “bend backwards to provide the best service” and that they “have a real knowledge of the trade”.

Watz can also be contacted via several channels: by phone, e-mail and via a contact form. Finally, customers have access to a personal online space called “my watz”. This allows especially finding out your consumption of electricity and/or natural gas, checking your latest energy bills and benefiting from advice on how to reduce them.

For your information, bills can be paid by direct debit or bank transfer. The good news is that this second option is at no additional cost.

“Affordable” electricity and gas deals

Watz aims to establish a relationship of trust with its customers. Hence the supplier is committed to transparent and attractive pricing. At Watz there are “no confusing discounts” but “the best price”. It therefore ensures that its contracts are clear and unambiguous, getting rid of the small print, which is renowned for setting exclusions or conditions that rarely favour consumers.

Specifically, for electricity, Watz has a fixed price formula available in two different contract lengths: the Watz electricity one-year contract and the Watz electricity two-year contract. For gas, a single variable price product is available: Watz gas variable. For this energy, the price is indexed quarterly and customers discover how it has evolved when receiving their annual settlement bill, also called regularization bill.

To find out whether Watz sells the cheapest energy deals, only a comparison of the prices of all the players in the energy market can tell. We therefore invite you to use our comparison of active electricity and natural gas contracts in Belgium. Note that you will also discover which is the greenest energy supplier, thanks to the Greenpeace score shown.

Additional service? A reduction on your insulation bill!

Watz has partnered with Pluimers, a company specializing in the field of insulation. Given that insulating saves energy and therefore money, the provider offers its customers a 5% discount on their total insulation bill if they decide to invest.

Of course, this financial benefit is added to the energy premiums agreed especially in Wallonia for roof, wall and floor insulation. In other words, the work can start paying for itself pretty quickly.

Interested? On its website, Watz provides a form to obtain free advice and a quote. Enough to make some feel like switching electricity or gas supplier to take advantage of this offer.

Watz might interest you if :

  • You prefer a small green electricity and gas supplier and not a company belonging to a large, often foreign energy group;
  • You are looking for a fixed price electricity deal;
  • You appreciate Watz’s proximity to its customers.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 03/386.08.50.

For queries concerning moving house: 03/386.08.50.

Contact Watz

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer services : 02/321.00.50.
  • E-mailallo@watz.be
  • Mail: Willem Van Laarstraat - 86/002, 2600 Berchem
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  • Wind turbine45,00
  • Biogas2,00
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