Zéno is a supplier of electricity and natural gas primarily known in the Province of Liège. But it is really throughout Wallonia that the company offers energy contracts and services related to electrical installations.

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A Liège supplier primarily dealing in electricity

In January 2016, Klinkenberg announced its desire to expand its activities to become an energy supplier. The choice was in line with its expertise, since the Liège company knows the power sector well.

Indeed, since its creation in 1975, it has made it its core business. Initially specializing in the installation of electrical systems, over the years it has expanded its scope of action.

It began in 1997 by buying the company Illumination & Design. This acquisition enabled it to integrate a lighting department soon joined by another dedicated to security. In practice, it is involved in the installation, repair and maintenance of intruder and fire alarms or surveillance cameras.

In 2002, heating and sanitary. Klinkenberg furthered still its expertise by proposing the installation of boilers, heat pumps or material for bathrooms. Finally, in 2010, the team took advantage of the renewable energy craze and set up a department dedicated to photovoltaic panels. Perfect for people looking for advice as to the feasibility of their project or the number of panels to install. Nevertheless, this type of installation remains expensive. That’s why you’ll want to participate in a group purchase of solar panels.

Today, Klinkenberg is able to provide comprehensive energy services and meet all the needs of residential and professional customers. A business advantage is assured thanks to the “150 employees specializing in their field with all the necessary qualifications”.

What next? The company hopes to stabilize its annual turnover of 15,000,000 euros and, of course, to become a major player in the gas and electricity market.

On 1st of June, Klinkenberg changed its name to become Zéno.

Selling energy, yes, but staying local!

With a very modest market share, Zéno cannot yet compete with the big names in the supply of energy like Engie Electrabel, Luminus or Lampiris. However, the company intends to expand by leveraging strong values.

It is committed to working with local partners and promoting “made in Wallonia”. A way for it to participate in the economic recovery of the region and “to sustain the people who sustain the region”.

“Globalization and its spin-offs made us realize that today it is high time to return to a local economy with short circuits, proximity and human contact. This policy has been part of the Klinkenberg DNA for over 40 years and we are very proud.”

Obviously, this desire is the result of a communication strategy. But given the number of customers who left Lampiris after it was bought by the multinational Total in 2016, it seems consistent. Remember, many people felt duped and announced they would go to the competition... This situation, in the end, has allowed Klinkenberg to attract people by reminding them of its Belgian identity.

In addition, in order to attract the most efficient consumers, Zéno is bound to guaranteeing its customers cheap rates. Here there are no special promotions, but in the words of the company, “fair prices with real services”. However, in general, we recommend you should always compare the price of electricity and/or gas before setting your sights on a deal.

And green electricity, in all this?

For its electricity and gas deals, Zéno has developed its own energy label, entitled “blue energy” in reference to natural energy. For each new customer, the supplier undertakes to plant a tree in a Wallonian forest.

As proof of its good will, it acquired a plot of 4 hectares in Arbrefontaine, in the municipality of Lierneux. The purpose? To plant there 10,000 trees, each with an identification number for the customer to know the essence and purpose of their tree. Will it, for example, be used as firewood or will it be used for the construction of structures or furniture?

Fixed prices for electricity and variable for gas

Zéno offers three classic tariff packages all aimed at a specific consumer profile.

  1. “Hello”, digital energy: this is intended for people who are comfortable with online management. Here, there’s no paper but electronic invoices and contacts only by e-mail or chat (instant messaging). Payment must be by direct debit. In exchange, the customer usually has a lower price per kWh and can set the duration of their contract to one, two or three years.
  2. “Bravo” or “Bravo+”, energy made to measure: this deal offers personalized service which, according to Zéno, “adapts to all your needs”. Its advantage? Customers are free to choose how they pay their bills as well as how they wish to contact the electricity and gas supplier, i.e., by phone, e-mail, chat or by making an appointment at the company’s Liège offices.
  3. “Prepaid”, prepaid energy: “Prepaid”, like the “Hello” formula, is an online power deal. The difference is that it has a contract term of three years and requires the prepayment of annual consumption at the beginning of the contract. So, with this product, there are no monthly bills, just the annual settlement or regularization bill.

All three deals impose a fixed price of electricity and variable gas prices. In other words, you are guaranteed that the cost per kWh of electricity will remain the same throughout the duration of your contract. Conversely, the gas bill will be indexed every three months based on changes in prices and speculation in the energy market.

In addition, the supplier sells an original product called “Solaro”. Its main feature is that of generating an affiliation with the association “Don’t touch my green certificates”, which represents the owners of photovoltaic panels. An interesting deal for small producers of electricity, provided that electronic billing suits them. Also related to solar energy, Zéno offers the Eco contract. It is, however, reserved for customers who purchase the installation of at least 12 photovoltaic panels from the company.

In addition to these classic and solar deals, three other special packs are available:

  1. Empty house energy contract: this special rate is for people whose property is currently vacant or awaiting rental. When contracting this product, they will receive a quarterly bill and will benefit from a fixed price for a year.
  2. Proxy: with this product, Zéno promises “locally sourced energy”. Specifically, customers can request for a supplier consultant to visit their home to analyse their bill in order to perform a personalized tariff comparison. This service, however, is available for free on the energy supplier comparison website.
  3. Pre-paid meter: this deal is suitable for people with a pre-paid meter and must therefore consume energy using a pre-paid card.

Additional Zéno services

Zéno does not present itself as just a supplier of electricity and gas, but as an “energy partner”. From its experience in the electricity sector, it seeks to use its energy-saving expertise through its various services.

So, every customer wishing to reduce their consumption can address the company for tips or guidance in order to choose the best equipment. This might mean low-energy bulbs, a boiler or solar panels, for example. Unfortunately, such an investment may weigh down the budget a little but solutions are available: take advantage of a group purchase of LEDs or participate in a bulk purchase of pellet and wood boilers.

Zéno might interest you if:

  • You want to become a customer with a Walloon company;
  • You are sensitive to environmental issues and appreciate Zéno’s initiative to plant a tree for every new contract signed;
  • You wish to enjoy its many additional services as well as receive tips for reducing your energy bills.

For queries concerning rates or switching supplier: 04/287.61.10.

For queries concerning moving house: 04/287.61.10.

Contact Zéno

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

  • Customer services: 04/277.06.66, open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am until 5 pm.
  • E-mailenergy@klinkenberg.be
  • Regular mail: Rue des Alouettes, 99, 4041 Milmort