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A supplier that favours the human aspect

2019 saw the emergence of a new energy supplier in Belgium. Its name is Bolt, and it distinguishes itself by offering a 100% green, locally-produced, transparent energy product

The start-up company offers its customers an experience that is totally unique in Belgium: you choose not only the sustainable source of the energy you consume (wind, solar, biomass or hydraulic), but also the producer. Through this concept, Bolt wants to invite its customers to choose a narrative that affects them rather than simply gas or electricity. “In the model we advocate, it is often a question of location and, particularly, of sentiment and emotion”, explainsPieterjan Verhaeghen, the company founder.

In a context in which it is difficult to distinguish clean energy from grey (or even dirty) energy due to green certificates, Bolt offers a breath of fresh air and a discernible note of authenticity. 

Finally, we note that this sustainable energy supplier is now available throughout Belgium.


A predominantly online service

Bolt has set up an online platform covering all the local energy producers with which it works. This means its customers can access the records for each producer and choose the one whose energy they want to consume. 

If a customer has questions, they can contact Bolt by email, by telephone or via social media

As regards billing, customers can pay by bank transfer or by direct debit.


Choose a source and a producer

As previously explained, Bolt differentiates itself by offering producers rather than products as such. As a result, there are several ways – or a combination of ways – to work which contract is right for you:

  • You can use the interactive map on the website, which shows you where the various producers are located. You will then be able to choose the one that its closest to you, for example;
  • You can also determine, firstly, the type of energy you wish to consume: do you want to support the photovoltaic, wind, biomass or hydraulic sector? You will then be offered a list of producers based on your preference;
  • Finally, you can review each producer’s narrative so that you can choose the one that resonates most strongly with your own sensibility.

In any event, Bolt also offers a short questionnaire to help you estimate your consumption requirements. You are then directed to the producers that best meet your needs. Then you simply have to confirm your choice.

Variable pricing

One of Bolt’s characteristics is that it offers exclusively variable prices. This is explained by the fact that the energies provided are 100% renewable, and therefore relatively dependent on the meteorological conditions. It is difficult to guarantee fixed prices in this context, even though the company ensures that consumption is always covered, whatever happens. It is actually linked to the standard network, which means, for example, that it can buy electricity produced by offshore wind turbines when there is little sunshine.

Despite a variable price, there is still a fixed element in the tariff applied, which is used to cover the company’s operating costs. This corresponds to EUR 4.13 (excluding VAT) per month, per EAN code. Bolt defines this commission as “a fixed monthly subscription”. This is its only source of remuneration, since the company does not draw any profit from its customers’ actual energy consumption.


What if you were to become a producer?

Any person or organisation with a source of sustainable energy production can become one of Bolt’s partner producers. If you own photovoltaic panels or a biomass boiler, it could be worthwhile considering this possibility. The only condition imposed by the start-up company is that you have the capacity to cover the consumption of at least 5 households.


You may be interested in Bolt if:

  • You want to support local producers who produce green, sustainable energy;
  • You prefer to choose based on the human aspect rather than on product-related criteria;
  • You are interested in variable price offers.

For questions about prices, changing supplier or moving house: 0800 37 456


Contact Bolt

Bill, threatened disconnection, pre-paid meter:

Customer service02 899 33 00

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